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My almost-remembered mystery hitchhiker is making me crazy

Peter Gott

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Ok so after some cleaning today the big red shroom polyp closed up enough to see my most interesting mystery hitchhiker more clearly, and I have been wracking my brain trying to remember what it is to no avail, so I need y'all's help desperately.

For some reason I have it in my head as being some sort of colonial tunicates, but that makes zero sense visually, and I can't find anything to support it, so I can't believe it.

These cracks open and close. When they're closed the whole pink mass looks like a sponge. When they are open, there are siphon-like spots at the intersections of the cracks. They are very widely opened in these pics, I think because there is a lot of food stirred up into the water column from me cleaning the acrylic and because the mushroom polyp isn't folded over it. Whatever it is, it's definitely a filter feeder, but isn't it too mobile to be a sponge?



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