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Greek Ruins aka Making Columns

Neon Reefer

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I placed 7 of the 8 columns I built into the tank after weeks of freshwater then weeks of saltwater curing Most of the corals suffered from breakage and loss in removing from rocks and replacing to columns. But all are fast growers and should recover nicely.

I like the look and I believe I have a created a distinctive rock scaping I have not seen in person anywhere. I'm sure someone has done this somewhere. As far as the density of the rocks and durability I must say they are quite hard as I cut one on my table saw and it was maybe the hardness as good base rock. Definitely no crumbling. I think the mix was right on. Each 12" columns weighs roughly 20lbs.Should provide some excellent "live" qualities with the porous thru and thru density.

So how do they look

All comments welcome positive and negative.

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Since I added the columns to the tank and removed the entire top 1/2 of the rock pile , my water has cleared up to a new level and my sand no longer has any visible Cyano accumulation. I attribute this mostly to removing the 5 year old rock that I bought off another reefer; so who knows how old it really was.

But I must say the "Reef Rockcrete" columns I built with the: CC, Aragonite sand, Portland cement, fiberglass shreds and rock salt; must really be as effective as good base rock. Seem to be holding up well. I added 160 lbs in 2 weeks and no NTS at all. Coral all have great extension and doing well. Have much better circulation as the water flows around the columns almost like they are not there

All smiles with this project. Well worth the time invested.

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