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Free livestock


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Yellow Watchman.... About 1.5 inch, been in the tank going on two years. Run of the mill, kind of skittish, eats everything.

True Percula Clown... Maybe two inches, but kind of on the small side. I have had it for about 8-9 years, got it from another forum member. Shy, but a good eater and not picky.

Serpent Star - Ophiolepsis superba... tan with brown stripes 8-9 years... eats anything it can get.

My daughter wants them to go to a good home (especially the clown), so the preference would be returning them to the ocean, putting them in a SeaWorld size tank, putting them in a big tank, returning them to the LFS in that order... (please choose the best answer (lie) in the list you are comfortable with. tongue.png

I am pulling the setup apart Thursday night, so that would be best for pickup, but I intend to leave the sump running, so the weekend is a possibility. Otherwise the LFS is likely their destination. It will obviously be much easier to catch them once the rock is out and they have nowhere to hide.

I live in Teravista (North Round Rock).

I also have a few astreas, and hermits, but no promises on the health, size, or qty.

This is probably about $25-30 worth of livestock, so don't drive from South Austin unless you are really desperate (or have a Prius).

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Prius. I'll take the br6ittle star and any clean up crew you find.

I can bring 2 beagles for her to pet in exchange.

No dogs allowed... I will be tearing the tank apart Thursday after 5PM or so if that works, or I can probably hang on to them until Sunday. Busy the rest of the days...


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I am in Teravista too. Nice to see another member from the same neighborhood

I think we have about 3000 homes now, so chances are there are more. Sorry I am on the way out of the hobby (at least salt water).

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