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135 Gallon must sell


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It is with deepest regrets I must sell my tank. I am moving and can not take the tank with me. I have a 135G drilled reef ready tank with a 55G sump for sale. The dimensions are 72"X18"X24". It would include 3 radion Gen2s with tank mount, a bubble magnus 7 protein skimmer, a max gyre 150 and two other power heads, and I forget the name of the pump but I got it from Aquatek. It comes with a stand and all the live stock and corals. It will also come with 185LBS of Live rock.

The list of live stock:

1 Medium Purple Tang

1 XXL Blue Hippo Tang

1 XL Naso Tang

1 Medium Sailfin Tang

1 Medium Powder Brown Tang

3 Green Chromis

1 Six Line Wrasse

1 Yellow Watchman Goby and tiger pistol shrimp bonded pair

All fish eat EVERYTHING. I feed them pellets in the morning, a piece of nori in the afternoon, and frozen mysis at night. The tangs destroy all the food and are extremely healthy. I have had all these tangs together for over a year and they are my pride and joys and need them to go to a good home. The list of coral is just some GSP some Mushrooms and some hammer and torch coral. As most of you know on this site the LEDs alone are worth more than $800, I am asking for the whole lot $1000.00. We are moving in 20 days so I am a very motivated to sell. Most of all I just would like the fish to find a good home. If you would like pictures my number is 512-422-8101 I will text them to you. Thanks!

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