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In the last couple of weeks some Caulerpa racemosa var. macrophysa (I think) has started running rampant in my BioCube. It grows so fast. The crazy thing it's growing on a rock with some eagle eyes that has been dipped in H2O2 twice over the past year.

The eagle eyes are reaching for light.


This runner has grown in a week.


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kalk paste the eff out of the rock, then kalk it more... kill off the tank 90%. wait a week, scrub the rock, water change like 3-4 times... pray it can bounce back w/ the 10% that didnt die off. carpet bomb the thing w/ kalk *lol*

my biocube was overrun w/ aiptasia last year, I did this... it bounced back after about 3 mo. aip is gone, the rest seems ok.

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