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40 Gallon Breeder

Jonathan Gonzales

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I have a 40 gallon with live sand and about 40 lbs of live rock in it.

Currently I am wanting to do Zoa's and Acans to start.

I want to add some fish but I need help on what fish I should keep in a tank that size and how many.

My tank has had water in it for almost 2 weeks so its not ready to start adding anything just yet.

My plans are to add the following fish; so please let me know all thoughts on adding these.

Clownfish pair

Mandarin goby (probably way down the road)

Goby/pistol shrimp pair

Red scooter blenny

Yellowhead jawfish

That is all i have in mind right now.

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I really can't say. I've never kept either one of those, but I've always been told they need lots of pods unless you get one that eats frozen food, which is rare I believe.

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I honestly think either will be a bad idea in the 40-gallon, not to mention having both in there at the same time.

I didn't have success with a mandarin until I had a 100-gallon or larger tank and there were not other fish in the system that would compete for food with it.

Yes, I even had ones that ate frozen and they just didn't last without the natural diet for me. Other's experiences may vary though.

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