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  1. i'm interested in some of the zoas
  2. @Caravanshaka been setting up tank and have it full of salt water. I'll be picking up some fish next week and would like to add some zoa's then too. Do you still have plenty of zoa's for sale?
  3. I’m getting my 40 b out from the garage and wanting to get back into reefing. I had a big obsession for Acans and Zoas. Anyone know who to reach out to for zoas and Acans?
  4. I'm meeting someone in a couple hours to pick it up. If the deal doesn't come threw for some reason I will let you know.
  5. Sorry 21 & 22 were sold. I removed items that sold from the list, but I didnt remove their pictures.
  6. I cut some prices and willing to do additional discounts with any purchase. I want these gone by Friday. **free peppermint shrimp (only have one) with any purchase or red scarlet crab (only have one)
  7. I am moving and not able to take my tank with me. Paypal will hold any items Please feel free to text me for additional photos. I will be updating this as corals are sold. 512.605.8585 I am willing to do bundle sales of $50 for 6 of any of the corals below. Ocellaris clownfish and peppermint shrimp free with any purchase. #23 Orange bam bams 20+ polyps (this is on live rock which comes with purchase) Hawaiian people eater 4 polyps Memphis Blue 4 polyps Radioactive dragon eye branch 20+ polyps #6 Green concussion 20+ polyps Ice and Fire 8 polyps
  8. Jonathan Gonzales


    I'm also looking for some chaeto. Let me know if anyone has any. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Alright, so tomorrow is the delivery date for the group order. If you placed an order please reach out to Peter Gott for pick up location. Last order came in around 10:30ish and I believe the previous order came in at the same time as well.
  10. 31st sounds great to me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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