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175g DSA Peninsula Tank - SOLD


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Figured I'd go ahead and get this listed sooner than later.

175g peninsula style w/canopy, stand sump and return pump (72"x27"x21.5")- $1500 OBO

Stand is 37" to the top of the trim and the tank sits 2" below top of trim. 64" from floor to top of canopy.

Sump is a 40g breeder that I custom built with a fuge area, skimmer section and return section.

I'm hoping to have it emptied with the next 2-3 weeks.

You can see pics in my build thread:


If you'd like to come see it running just let me know. I've had two people comment on how extremely quite it is.

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Well... not trying to talk you into that, but... I will help if you change your mind, you helped me with my move! Is your 27" front to back, or top to bottom?

It's 27" front to back.

If I don't get it sold I'll just move it into the garage.

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