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Taking Tank down due to Move


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Hello all,

I am moving next week for a new job and need to move the livestock ASAP. I have been in/out and the tank had a bryopsis outbreak I have been unable to contain. Tank is a 55gal cube and once I get the livestock moved, I'll inventory and offer the hardware for sale...

Please PM and just make an offer, I just want the fish to be taken care of:

- 1 pair GSM, very unique patterns, come with the RBTA if you want it, very healthy and eat everything - $50


- 1 Lawnmower Blenny, great personality, prefers mysis, brine as well as nori, not a big fan of pellet food - $15


- 1 Skunk Cleaner - $10

- 1 Peppermint Shrimp, this one devoured all the small aptasia I had, great shrimp. - $5

- 1 Emerald Crab - Free, take it

- lots of smails and hermits - Free, take 'em

- About 50# of Real Reef Rock, mixed - $50 for all of it


PM me to set up a time and bring your own buckets, bags....


Again any reasonable offer will be accepted...


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