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Found 22 results

  1. I have a few goldfish that I can’t keep anymore, I love them but I have to let them go. I want them to be in a good new house. I have 5 goldfish and one algae eater. They aren’t small, they are like medium (big) size.
  2. Hi All, I have a free reef-ready 90 gallon aquarium to give to the first person who wants it. It has a factory installed overflow with holes for standard bulkheads. It doesn't leak but needs a good cleaning. It is either an aqueon or all glass, cant remember which. No stand, just the tank. My wrist, ankle, and foot are broken so please bring someone to help you load it - its heavy. I'm giving it away because I bought a bigger tank and this one is in the way. :-) Message me here and we will setup the pickup. thanks, John Scott
  3. Read the fine print here. I need it running for another 2-3 weeks then I am moving the 160 out and hopefully into someones truck and on to its new home. I am in New Braunfels. I bought it used of this forum for 300 last year. I should have taken the time to break it down and reseal it but I thought I could get away with it for at least a few more years. I bought the tank to make sure I have an actual interest in running a large tank so you could say it was my training wheel tank. Well I love growing corals and have been hitting a good stride with this tank. I also bought a 250 ghost overflow
  4. Hello All, I just took my tank down and found this Serpent Star in the overflow. Free to first person who shows up at my door. I have him in a bucket with powerhead and just want to see him off alive... PM me for directions...
  5. Hello all, I am moving next week for a new job and need to move the livestock ASAP. I have been in/out and the tank had a bryopsis outbreak I have been unable to contain. Tank is a 55gal cube and once I get the livestock moved, I'll inventory and offer the hardware for sale... Please PM and just make an offer, I just want the fish to be taken care of: - 1 pair GSM, very unique patterns, come with the RBTA if you want it, very healthy and eat everything - $50 - 1 Lawnmower Blenny, great personality, prefers mysis, brine as well as nori, not a big fan of pellet food - $15 - 1 Skunk Cl
  6. I recently upgraded to a 180 gallon tank and need to get rid of the old 75 gallon to make room for new hardwood floors. This is a 10-year-old, classic Oceanic 75-gallon glass aquarium. It's reef ready with a corner overflow and it's in perfect condition. No scratches. Glass center brace. The stand and canopy are black and, although the stand has some cosmetic water damage, it is structurally sound and just needs a new coat of paint and some TLC. There is also a custom (Precision Marine) acrylic sump with 3 chambers and a damaged but functional Reef Octopus skimmer with a Sicce pump. What's th
  7. FREE Senno Dual Inline TDS meter (orders > $100, enter code: FREEDUALTDS in your cart) & FREE SHIPPING (orders > $130 , enter code: FREESHIP in your cart)...Dont forget to credit Austin Reef Club by using your clubs unique 10% off code: (enter code: 70799 in your cart). Enter your discount code(s), click the orange apply coupon button in the discount codes section of your shopping cart at www.AirWaterIce.com. After over 30 years in business, we still have your filter pack. Remember you can pay MORE but you can't get LESS than ZERO tds. As always: Happy Reefing, Your friends at www.Ai
  8. Darned Pink Damsel was picking on my maroon clown. Finally trapped him and got him in jail. Someone come and get em' Sorry no pic. About an inch and a half and healthy I'm in Leander after 5:30 or work in Arboretum area during the week Thanks, text or call 512-709-3547 Craig
  9. Hey everyone! I am giving away my pair of DaVinci clowns They are in great health and were purchased very small(~1 year ago), they have developed well and eat anything(fresh, frozen, pellets). They are a mated pair, and I have not seen them spawn to date. They were replaced by a GSM pair and I have had them in the sump for ~1 month and I just want them to go to a good home. They are too pretty a pair of fish to keep in a sump. If you want to bring a frag as a kind gesture I wouldn't say no ;-) video from my phone uploaded here: http://www.resolutionhealing.com/zhorne/videos/20151128_201148
  10. This is a 4 inch chunk of live barnacles that washed up after the last thunder storm in Galveston. It is not reef ready, as it is crawling with little crabs. It needs to be quarantined for a while. Most of the barnacles are white, but there are 2 inch long pink barnacles in the group. I live in New Braunfels, but I drive to Austin quite a bit, so I can possibly meet after work to rehome these guys. Picture: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6qVV-RM4dEAWHc1T2V2bHhuQXM
  11. ~ FREE SHIPPING ON ALL RODI & RO UNITS! ~ (enter code: “FREESHIP” in your cart) Don’t forget to credit Austin Reef Club by using your club’s unique 10% off code: ( enter code: “70799” in your cart ). The 10% off club code will be applied to your order and your club gets more freebies! We build, test & ship your unit the same day we get your order ~ PLUS all of our units come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, a 30 day money back guarantee, and over 30 years of expert advice. Enter your discount code(s) in the discount codes section of your shopping cart at www.theH2Oguru.com, then click the o
  12. FREE TDS Meters AND Free Shipping! DEAL IS ON!!! You guys asked for it! Here it is…maybe the best Air Water & Ice special in our 32 years in business – for a limited time only! Please enter coupon codes in the “discount codes” section of the shopping cart on our website www.theh2oguru.com, then click the orange “apply coupon” button. ~For free TDS meter you must ADD a Senno Handheld TDS meter to your cart BEFORE entering your coupon code~ FREE TDS METER...Enter code "AWI99919" in cart...$40 min. order FREE SHIPPING...Enter code "AWI99920" in cart...$150 min. order 10% OFF...Enter our re
  13. 2nd Quarter Specials: · 25% OFF our 5 LB bag of PREMIUM MBD-30 nuclear grade mixed bed DI resin. This is enough resin to refill FOUR 10 inch clear refillable cartridges. $29.95 marked down from $39.95compare at over $50!!! We accidentally ordered a double shipment. · $2.50 tubing cutters !!! · 50% OFF our in-line softening filter...now its yours for only $7.49 !!! · Free Shipping for orders over $250 BUY NOW!!! Get this deal now while supplies last: http://theh2oguru.com/special-promotional-items.html Reminder: All reverse osmosis systems should get the filters replaced at least annually.
  14. I have a huge maroon clown to give away to a good home (40+ gal). I swear this thing is as big as my hand; inherited from a coworker who got rid of his setup. Its just too big for my tanks and I feel bad about keeping her confined in such a manner. Pickup is preferrable, located downtown.
  15. Hey everybody I'm giving up my Kenya tree bc it doesn't get along with some of my sps that is getting with reaching distance grew faster than I thought, if anybody wants to make the trip up to Temple Tx. I also have a lot of gsp growing on the back glass of my tank that I need to trim and its half way across the tank. Come get it all if you'd like just don't want to throw it out or see it piss off some of my other coral. thanks for looking and happy shopping lol. Oh give me a text at 2817346202 if I don't get back to you fast enough
  16. 2 free buckets of sand that has tons of bristleworms and stars. Got this in 1 of the setups we purchased and will not be using it. If you want it, either call this # or stop by. Won't be checking emails or ARC often. 14719 E. Hwy 290, Manor, TX | 512-203-8573
  17. The pink and Golds are to the right in the picture have quite a few. trade would be cool also. Either way come get em.
  18. I'm looking to buy a stand for my 60 gallon reef tank. Dimensions are 48-1/4"L x 12-3/4"W for the footprint. I'm willing to buy used or new as long as it doesn't break the bank. PM or text 512-818-629zero Eddie
  19. I am just starting up a 29g nano reef. If anyone has anything free I would greatly appreciate it. I am doing this on a shoe string budget. I have the tank, stand, a bio wheel filter and a skimmer, but no rock or lighting yet. Looking to build a sump a little down the road. Thanks!! Peter
  20. He is free, good lil fish but keeps picking on my one Clown. so he has got to go. If anyone is interested please let me know you will have to come pick him up and bring a container to put him in. We are in Cedar Park.
  21. Hi all, I have some aiptasia anemones in my nano tank and I need to replace my yellow banded coral shrimp with a peppermint shrimp. It would be ideal if someone wanted to trade for a peppermint. But if anyone wants this guy, I'd be more than willing to give him to you so I can get a peppermint. I'm located near campus. Thanks.
  22. will take down the tank around 1-2 Call or text two one four four six zero 66 zero 0
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