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Fluval M90 36g


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Here we go again! I decided that I want the big tank to focus on SPS so I'm going to set up this tank for low flow things like rhicordea, rock nems, lps and zoas.

Equipment list (so far)

2 - AI Primes

Waveline DC2500 pump

Ozmolator nano ATO

Unsure on skimmer


Special grade sand

BRS reef saver rock


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Slowly making progress...got the sand in and some of the rocks. I'd ordered 20 lbs and specified pieces about 6". Well...I got 4 that were the perfect size and one that was about the size of a volley ball...not gonna work at all. Lights are programmed and attached. Right now they're 9" above the top of the tank...may need to adjust them once the tank is running. Gotta order some more rock so hopefully I'll have water in it by the weekend of the 20th.


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I got power cords rearranged in the controller cabinet and moved an EB8 over and got the new outlets programmed for everything. Got water and salt in but had to make one change. The DC pump I bought (smallest size) was waaaaaaaaaay too much for the internal filter system. I even backed it down to 2% and it was still pushing more water into the tank than the wiers on the baffles could handle. I put the pump that came with the tank on it and it runs perfectly...imagine that...


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WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW...that's all I have to say!

It's love at first site! clear.png

This thing fits like it was made for the tank. Netting is nice and tight. I don't notice any shadowing at all. It still has the protective plastic attached to both sides so no chance of it getting scratched. This one is very sturdy. Very little twisting at all.








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