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Hi! I have been out of the loop for a long time now, but my wife has changed jobs and things have settled down.

My tank is more or less the same, lots of growth. I went to corpus this weekend to fish, one of the things I caught was a 3lb chunk of oyster and barnacle shells. I brought it home to put in the tank. After letting it dry for 4 days I rinsed it off and put it in. Low and behold there was a 3-4" oyster that survived! He opened up right away and has been opening and closing periodically. I know they're not easy to keep but I have plankton that should work for food.


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Good to see you posting again! Congrats on the oyster! I've got turkey wing clams reproducing in one of my tanks but I don't try to feed them specificly. There'as an autofeeder that sits above them but I doubt any actually makes it to them or theat they actually would eat pellets, atleast I've never seen them intake pellets.

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Welcome back! I think the barnacle rocks look super cool, I'm afraid to add barnacles to the tank because I don't want it to look like the docks in Galveston with barnacles growin on barnacles that are growing on barnacles to no end

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