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Let's all welcome Premium Sponsor True Blue Reefs!

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If you've been around ARC for any length of time you're familiar with Christian. His latest undertaking is True Blue Reefs, a local source of livestock and supplies for your aquarium.

Here's a few words from Christian:

Hello! We are True Blue Reefs. TBR brings the best quality and affordable prices of live corals, live marine fish, and invertebrates straight from Australia, Indonesia, Tonga, Fiji, Vietnam, Solomon, New Caledonia,Fiji, Kupang, Hawaii and the Red Sea, as well as a variety of dry goods. If you're looking for something specific, just ask! We will do our best to take care of your marine livestock needs, after all we too started off as hobbyists who want the best for our marine livestock that we keep in our little slices of the ocean. Let us know what we can do to help you and your aquariums out.

Let's all take a moment to welcome Christian and a sponsor and thank True Blue Reefs for their support!

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Hey guys so good news for all you fish and coral loving people out their. The tanks are up and running as of today!! So we will be cycling the aquarium's for the next few weeks to make sure everything is running properly. We will be posting on our website and sprucing it up a little bit.

We also have a Twitter and a Instagram so that you can get a hold of us at anytime and see great deals we are having.

I would like to get your guys input on what are some of the corals and fish we could get into our aquariums for you to come by and pick out once they are fully cycled and ready to go.

Also we do accept preorder fish and corals at this time they come directly from our wholesaler to us than to you to make sure everything is alive and well.

Thank you for your support to this amazing hobby, and keep an eye out for our Halloween specials!

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