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Hippo Tang with swim bladder

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Hello everyone. Anyone have an luck treating hippo tang's with swim bladder issue? The fish tries to swim down from the top of the tank only to float back to the top. I received him from Live Aquaria 7 days ago and he has been in a 20g QT ever since. I've tried feeding pea's(no success and hasn't eaten since last Thursday) and have been treating him with Prazi-Pro(Step 1 in QT treatment) since last Friday and Furan-2 since Monday when I first noticed a slight bulge in the stomach. Looking for some help as I'm trying to save the little guy.



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He's hanging in there. I had to put a net box in the tank with a rock on it to keep him under water so he wasn't halfway floating out of the water. I'm continuing the Furan treatment and hoping for the best I guess and will try to get him to eat some more boiled peas tomorrow. Might look up the epson salt trick unless someone else has an idea on what to try.

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