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Having trouble bringing my pH up


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My pH runs in the 7.8 - 8 range daily. I just upped my kalk to 10 teaspoons for approximately 8 gallons of top off. I'm guessing that I just need to up it some more until I see it climb and stay around 8.3. Am I thinking correctly here? i do have a 2-part system, but have never learned to use it correctly and now that I have a tank full of SPS am a bit tentative to try.

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Personally, I would ignore it. Just make sure alk and Ca are at an appropriate level and stable. There's hundreds of factors that affect PH, even something like turning on the AC will measurably change it, it just never stays in 1 place no matter what you do. As long as it's not in some crazy low or high range, I would use it only as a long distance measurement.

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I have know lots of people including myself that have been successful with a lower ph tank. Mine usually sits around 8 and I had a buddy in school that had a tank that no matter what he tried could not get his ph above 7.9.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no experience maintaining a tank with sps in it and do not know their tolerance for slightly lower ph, that being said if you are not losing any and are seeing good extension and growth I would be inclined to just say leave it be.

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