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  1. Thanks man. Clown perished. He picked up some blanket remedies and saved the dead clown for the one guy in our group that has a microscope so hopefully we'll get to the truth of it. And I couldn't agree more about a QT. It's just not worth the consequences that you'll eventually pay.
  2. Please take a look at the picture below and see if you can identify what's going on here. This is one of two fish left as the other have died overnight. He says that he added some crabs and one small fish about 4 weeks ago and everything has been cool until yesterday. He didn't QT the fish, but the LFS has a reputation of quality fish and no issues with disease. I've been looking at disease charts and pictures and haven't been able to identify what's going on. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks all!
  3. @mhart032 The tank will be built in with a big room behind it ( http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/38984-designing-the-fish-room-help ) so there shouldn't be any noise issues. @Dogfish As far as I've been told the whole system was up and running three weeks ago. The guy that owned it passed away and his loser children decided it would be fine to just turn everything off and let everything die. He was separated from his wife and she's the one that decided to sell it all for $1500 but it has to be gone by EOD tomorrow. House is being auctioned. I'll make a full inventory once have it
  4. The H2Overflow kits look like they would give me all the surface skimming i would need and would be very inconspicuous as well.
  5. yeah and that's going to bug the crap out of me in the long run. If there's no way to incorporate surface skimming then it's really not worth it to me. I suppose I could mount a couple of internal overflow boxes, like you suggested earlier, around the holes like these: or something like this that I just found: Here's a link: https://www.customaquariums.com/information/h2overflow.html
  6. As close to the top that the overflow hole is drilled I don't think one of these kits can be fitted to it. I could use something like the overflow at the bottom though. Thoughts?
  7. So here’s the all that’s included for $1500. Oh from what I understand, the guy that owned this ordered it built just like this for use as a saltwater tank because he ran the two overflow pipes through the walk into a closet where the sump was. The other big tank shown is a 150. All light fixtures shown (none are known names to me), chiller, 6 stage RODI, sumps, pumps, probably 300+ pounds of rock, reactors including a calcium reactor with two oxygen bottles, two MP40 wavemakers, frag tank, 40 breeder he used for a QT, salt, skimmers including that big one that’s about 3 foot tall (don’t kn
  8. I’ve come across a good deal on a tank that I can use for the built in I’ve been planning for the new house, but the overflow has me a bit perplexed. The overflow is basically two 1.5” or 2” inch holes drilled in the back which currently just has two elbows angled at a 45 with some guards across it to keep fish from going down it. I’m thinking I could have a coast-to-coast built to attach to it instead. What do you all think?
  9. I did find out today that he's got bioballs in the center chamber of his overflow/sump that's on the back of the AIO. He said it was up and running empty for two months before he added anything but I don't know if he was ghost feeding the tank. I don't think he was though.
  10. The guy that's going to build my house recently jumped into the saltwater aquarium hobby. He bought a AIO 55 gallon bowfront and has is up and running empty for a couple of months. He said he used one bag of live sand and a couple more of regular sand (I'm hoping it was aquarium sand). All decorations are fake off the shelf stuff like grass, sticks, pottery, etc. Probably all resin or plastic stuff made for an aquarium. I've not set one up without live rock before nor do I know anyone else that has so I'm unsure how a tank like this cycles. I talked to him last week and cautioned him aga
  11. Oooooooooooooooooooo. Me likey. I'll have to look into that!
  12. That was my thought as well! I keep trying to find someone who's had a negative experience using it, but haven't located on yet. How does it kill off the exposed algae without killing off the zooxanthellae algae inside the coral? Either way it doesn't address the cause of the bloom, but maybe it will help get a handle on a big bloom before it starts killing off coral anyway. If she decides to go this route I'll try and document the progress and long term effects.
  13. Someone this weekend told me about using a one time treatment of fluconazole to rid the tank of hair algae. I found a YouTube video that documents a tank before, during and after the treatment. Is this safe to use? I know it doesn't address the core reason of why it bloomed to begin with, but if it help eradicate it so they can get a leg up on turning the corner on it then it might be worth the expense. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks Tim. They are trying very hard to be patient. I had the advantage of going through several years of growing pains to figure things out while they're learning on the fly while dealing with an ugly algae bloom which tends to put one in panic mode. She's a very smart lady (chemist) who is learning the ropes very quickly and hasn't slipped into panic mode which is pretty impressive from my viewpoint. She's just trying to figure out how to deal with it and feels that all her efforts are in vain because she doesn't see any changes for the better yet. I've sent her the link for your case
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