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GONE! Frag Tank 40 gallons SOLD!


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Frag Tank is reef ready / drilled 36 X 24 X 12 and holds about 40 gallons.


The Frag Tank stand is a fine combination of an underlying 2 X 4 frame construction, half inch pine plywood as a top and bottom shelves and way too many screws.

All plumbing and pump is included, no leaks and both are currently running in a vinegar wash.

Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water Pump DCT 8000 pump for the frag tank return.

There are some shallow scratches but they can't be seen when the surface is wet and clean.

$300 firm

LED lights not included...

Texts only please, 512-619-8864

THANKS for looking! rock.gif

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Moving homes, upgrading tanks, and the old homes bathrooms / kitchen and a 14 week old new baby are a bit much for me to be able to keep all of my corners sharp and crisp.

It really is a wonderful system, I hope it is priced well and the canopy is sturdy with plenty of space to set up lights. The plumbing is simple and infested with quick disconnects...

I will remeasure and update, my apologies; it may be 53' and a 160 gallon tank?

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Do it JSloan!!! Go big or go home!

I did the math like gonzobob and realized its not that much bigger than my 100 gallon so I will hold off. It's a good deal still, however I will hold off.

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Thank you so much for the tank and sump. Really appreciate the deal and you and your crew taking time out of your busy day to help load that behemoth and answer my annoying questions, lol. smile.png

Someone is really going to enjoy that frag tank.

Best of wishes on selling the house as quickly as possible!!jump.gif

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