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Starting a pest only pico tank as a side project to setup next to my display nano tank, and I am on the hunt for any annoying critters, majanos :), huge aptasia, macro algae, bristleworms, small mantis shrimp, snails, aggressive hermits, overgrown gsp/kenyas/etc, poop brown palys or ANY hitchhikers whatsoever you are wanting to get rid of. Even a piece of live rock in your sump that contains all of the above !

I promise they will be going to a good home and will be treated like royalty in this tank!!!!

Let me know what you have and I will gladly rehome them and power feed them till they multiply like crazy.

I'm located in cedar park!

Thank you friends.

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Well crap. Bad news. The mantis is dead. He must have been freaked out in the small container, and didn't eat the mysis in there. I'm assuming the mysis rotted over night producing ammonia which killed the mantis. I'm bummed out. Sorry man. Thought we had one for you.

We still have 2 left in our sump, but I think we're not going to catch them until we're ready to immediately give them away.

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Awwwww no worries brotha!

I'm so sorry to hear about the mantis passing. I'm ready when you are regarding the other mantis you have!

It would be an awesome addition to the pest tank.

The tank is slowly coming along. It's almost too clean to be considered a pest tank lol. . I'll post pics as soon as I figure out how to.

Really wanting some majanos to bring color to the tank, but any pests are welcome !

I appreciate you trying to catch and rehome him for me Dan!!!

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