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Adult Labouti Wrasse $175

Dan H

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Well, we've decided that the Labouti needs to go. He started to harass the 6 line and big Anthia. He is so darn pretty, it will be very sad to see him go.

You will definitely want a big tank and a lid as he is a jumper. Probably would be best with other aggressive fish.







Pm or text.

Five 1 two - 8 zero 4 - eight 9 nine 7

I'm in NW Austin near 360 and 2222.

I'd like him to be gone fast before he harms any of the other fish.

$175 - same as what I got him from Vu.

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It's odd, one minute he's being a jerk, the next he's chill and being a model citizen. Hard to know what to do with him. We want to keep him but we aren't sure about his aggression.

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Oh no! I'm sad for you! If I had a bigger tank is tank him. Those pictures don't do any justice. I saw him in person. Absolutely gorgeous

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Since it's my fish to cause Dan trouble, I throw this in to sweet a deal to buyer.

U ll get +1 frag of red dragon (fresh cut) and +1 frag of bananaRama acro (Green with green polyps, encrusted). Pick up from me.



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I don't know... He's definitely the most aggressive fish in there. He has periods of being a jerk, then chills out. If someone wants him, I think we'd sell him, but otherwise maybe he'll get along? We're having a hard time making a decision on this one because he's behaving so inconsistent. With the fairy wrasse, it was a straight up death brawl. Now it's more of him flashing the other fish, some of which just don't care like the coral beauty, and then he is sometimes quickly chasing other fish briefly, like the 6 line. Like Vu said, he definitely tends to get more aggressive during feeding time. The rest of the time he's mostly mellow.

Where's that fish behavior expert when you need them? :)

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