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CO2 monitor???


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Hey gang,

I was chatting with a beer brewing friend of mine and somehow we got on the discussion of CO2 cylinders and safety. Do any of you that have CaRX's run CO2 monitors in the house? I think that would be a worthwhile investment the more and more I think about it. Especially considering I have a 20-lb cylinder under the tank.

Here's what I found so far in a quick google search:



Anyways, just seeing if anybody has any input or uses one. The one with the humidity readings would be a nice bonus!

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I use compressed gas cylinders quite often in my line of work, and a 20 pound cylinder would not have the capacity to displace enough oxygen in our houses, even if it completely evacuated itself in a medium sized room. Most of our tanks are in living areas where there is plenty of air volume, but it would take a considerably large cylinder to evacuate instantaneously to cause asphyxiation.

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