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Clownfish, it's not you it's me.


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Maybe it's time to part with my clownfish. If it can't accept my RBTA for who it is after half a year now, I think I may get a new fish.

If you were in my situation and wanted a clown in that RBTA how would you go about it?

Get a second b/w clown and hope it hosts and the other clown is cool?

Replace the clown with another variety and keep or sell the b/w?



Ps I think the b/w got stung by the RBTA early on which may have put a damper on the relationship.


To be fair I think it actually was stung the one time it went near it.

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I'm afraid to force them into close quarters and get him stung again, or is that something that can only happen when they are really young?

I don't often see a lfs with a hosting clown they are willing to sell. :(. I wonder if RCA would be willing to keep their next batch with a bta until one hosts.,,. Is that a reasonable request do you think?

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A lot of the multi generation captive ones wont host anything. BTA's aren't natural anemones for them anyway, so it's sort of a big coin toss with most of them nowadays.

I've found that maroon are much more prone on hosting BTA's than ocys or percs, but with captive ones it's sort of the same situation.

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Yeah, bringing in a maroon was something I was considering as well. I'd likely ship out the b/w then if they argued. So maybe a wild caught maroon...

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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