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Greenmako's 110g


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Done having kids, now back into reefing!

My wife and I tried to get back in over a year ago but had a DSA tank crack after only a short time with water in it, after a long time trying to get a replacement tank we ended up buying a new tank from another manufacturer.

This is also the first time that we will be running a reef without metal halides and vho's, instead we will be running two Radion's.

March 7th new tank arrives and we get it setup with the help of my friend John.


My wife then got to aqua scape

Tank starts to cycle

Once tank cycled we started adding fish

The tank we ordered only came with a steel stand as we wanted to have something a little modern but rustic. We built the doors for the tank ourselves so that they would be flush as possible between the steel frame.

We started slowly adding coral. Below are some shots of what corals we have thus far. These photos are my first attempt at shooting under LED's. I don't have the white balance dialed in yet but will eventually.

Meteor shower and a frag from my old tank

Pretty Scoly




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Thanks for the comments!

Great looking start. What tank did you end up getting?

Went with Planet Aquariums out of Dallas

Nice aqua scape...glad to see another old school reefer back in the game...

Thanks, its good to be back. Didn't realize how much I would miss it.

Hey Brian, aren't you glad to have this hobby back? The club needs more old school. Very nice tank, but not as big as you old 300. Lol

Yes, its nice to be back. Definitely not as big as my old 300 lol and I'm glad. This one is so much easier to take care of.

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