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Nocturnal tank visit?

Dan H

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I was just checking out the tank tonight, watching some crabs do their thing, snails doing theirs... Then a hermit crab caught my eye, it was half out of its shell and after a few moments it started releasing eggs! So very cool and lucky timing.

Then a thought occurred to me: what about doing a nocturnal tank meeting/showing/whatever? My guess is that interest wouldn't be too high but it might be fun for a small group. Get to see some of those strange critters, corals with polyps feeding, etc.

I'm totally willing to host a test run if anyone would want to.

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Yes, lots of red flashlights.... And beer. Or wine. I'd be willing to supply beer, wine, flashlights, and a laser at our house... :) Could do some aiptasia hunting.

I just think half the fun of this hobby is seeing everything at night. And I'd love to see some other systems at night since I'm starting to memorize every last little critter in ours. :)

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So anyone up for this? We're (mostly) adults. We can do what we want! Stay up late and be uber-nerds! How about next weekend? I would say tonight, but that's kinda short notice. :)

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