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Hanging 60" ATI hybrid

Toxiq Reef

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Have a 60" ati hybrid coming in 8x80w w/ 3 75watt led banks. It appears the only way to mount this fixture is by hanging it. Here's the dilema, there are no studs over my tank, and this light is over 40lbs, what are my reliable options? Will a drywall toggle last long term? etc. Thanks!

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There are for sure rafters every 12-24" in your ceiling. the drywall must attach to something it's not free floating. I would not trust a toggle with a 40+ lb fixture.

Agreed. Definitely not hanging a 40 lb load just on bare sheet rock. If your ceiling don't have stud there, u can install one in with some metal brackets from home depot.
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I should also say that the mounts of this kit are toggle based. I tried it in just the drywall and almost had a catastrophie, luckily I was still holding the fixture and it didn't fall in the tank.

That's when the Home Depot guy suggested the Wood Idea. It is toggled on the other side of the wood, and the wood is bolted into the studs of the ceiling, which you definitely have, you probably need to use a stud finder.

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