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Should I use my filter sock?


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I like to use a nylon mesh sock rather than a felt sock. I don't think they are absolutely necessary but on smaller tanks I think they make more of a difference than on larger tanks (maybe?) The mesh socks do help remove larger particles but leave the finer things in the water, which I like to think leaves more food in the water for the SPS. Mesh is much easier to clean than felt and I only have to change it weekly. I think of it more as a minor form of nutrient export more than as a polisher.

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Timfish, have you documented your tanks anywhere? I'd like to learn more on how they work without skimmers, refugiums, carbon/Gfo, etc.

Hey, Timfish here. I am working with someone to totally overhaul my website and include a lot more info but much of the basic stuff was covered by Delbeck and Sprung in both Vol. I and III of their 'The Reef Aquarium" series. There is a lot of important info also in Forest Rohwer's "Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas". What's important to remember about skimmers is for aquaria there still is no standard being used by the manufacturers to rate how well they work (pumps have gallons or liters per hour and lights have PAR or lux) even though Dr. Ken Feldman, et al, with their research posted on Advanced Aquaria has provided two different metrics. "dialing in" a skimmer is a purely subjective term and has no basis in reality for how much or what is being removed by one.

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I say no to constantly running socks. Unless they are mesh like JimH stated. But they are nice to have handy to tie on for 12 hrs or so when your doing tank maintenance and kicking stuff up or blowing detritus out of your rock.

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