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Hi from the UK!


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Hi everyone! :wave:

I'm an English reefer but I'm hoping to move to Austin this year with my Tx boyfriend. We're coming over for SXSW next week and to have a general scout about / holiday. I would *LOVE* to see some Austin LFS's and chat with some fellow reefers! :D Where do you recommend?

Here are some pics of my current tank, started Dec '06.





There are more gaps than I'd like… but it's tricky to get your hands on bright corals over here… I refuse to buy the brown ones!

It will be sad to have to take it all down for the move but I'm carrying on till the end so I can learn as much as possible from my first tank. We'll probably rent somewhere in Austin first to get a feel for the different neighbourhoods before we buy a place. So my plan is to try a nano while we rent and move onto as big a system as possible once we've found our feet. I'm thinking wet room, big ol' reef and maybe a big BTA / black occ tank…mmm dreams :lol:

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and see if anyone has any recommendations for an Austin noob! I can't wait to see the place, it's horrible an wet over here! :)

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Whoa is that a real dragon skull?

Wished I'd a been reading this before the end of SXSW as I could certainly have used a new set of Whitworth spanners, a Norvil Commando repro oil tank and other bits.

Let us know what you thought of ATX and if you checked out any neighborhoods and stores. I'd be willing to say that if you came here for the music scene that you should think about living in S. Austin in Travis Heights area (somewhere between 1-35- and Riverside and 71/Ben White), Terry Town or even the new hip East Austin.

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