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White Fingery Thing on Glass


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I don't even know what to google, but white fingery thing on reef glass was not conducive to answers. if you put a gun to my head i'd say a sponge of some sort, but i may die that way.

This is in my fuge. I found it after clearing away a thick forest of macro. not sure it would have been dark, but certainly shaded. we poked it with a stick and it is soft, but firm. but anyway, i'm sure it is some sort of beneficial filter feeder, but just curious if anyone knows.


also have a bunch of these guys in there, that i think are flat worms. they have a bunch of clearish tentacles (i think it's the same ones) that come out and they seem to filter out my little pods and who knows what other tiny sand sized things. couldn't find on open while i had the camera. these are also in my fuge. not so concerned with an ID on these, i just thought they were neat.


thanks for your help

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thanks guys

If the stuff in the first picture has what seems to be little bumps containing polyp like organisms it is probably a colony of bryozoans. It could also be some sponge or a colony of small tunicates.

the small ones move around, so i'm not sure if that rules out bryozoans, but i think it would rule out sponges, right? they are actual pretty fast cruising along the glass. i saw one clocking in at 0.5 * 1 body length per second :). i wanted to get a picture of the tentacles or polyps (not sure of the difference, i'll have to google that one soon), but none of them i saw were open. but they come out to about 3/8" in. and have balls on the end of them.

Does the thing in the first pic move? I have some on my glass and it moves. I don't know what it is.

i watched it for a about 5 - 10 minutes, and poked it with a stick and saw no evidence of any sort of movement. it also doesn't "feel" like the type of thing to move. but i didn't do too much to try to disturb it.

@vic and ty - i tried to thank you guys yesterday, but i guess tapatalk vetoed it. it was something like "thanks guys. i guess i wouldn't have been shot after all" :).

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