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SPS burnt tips and algae recommendation


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I had a mini tank crash over the holidays. I was out of town for a week and my alk shoot up. Some of my SPS have some RTN on certain spots or burnt tips. But one colony has several burnt tips and has algae growing on the dead tissue. The overall health of the tank is getting better and my SPS’s seem to be on the road to recovery but that one colony is getting worst because of the algae.

What should I do? Cut the tips ect.

Alk 7.8

Photo period 12 hr LEDs

I run a phosphate remover

75 gal, skimmer, sump, micro algae

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Echoing what is said by others, cut back into the healthy tissue and keep the nutrients to a level where algae isn't as likely to grow. Cut feedings, skim a little wetter, water changes, change GFO, etc. Good luck!

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