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Light fan need electrician


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Ok so this is the plug to my fan on my light I can not find my power supply for it. I have alot of random plugs that plug in the wall and have the same connection.

I was wondering if I splice the two wires on this connection and the one that plugs in the wall will it work, all those master electricians out there i need you the light get really hot to the touch with out the fan on.

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how do I find out the specs of the fan. its and old light that was broke and turned it into a pendant


it is one of these.


or this not sure brand I think it is a corallife

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I've definitely have seen those at the LFSs, so you might check with them. You can also start another thread trying to track someone with this fixture. Are you able to remove the fan from the housing to inspect further? There's usually a label on the fan housing.

Btw, it's probably a 12V fan, but there are 120V fans out there too, so...

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The fan is 12V. It's the same fan as the BC29 hood fan. - http://www.directaquarium.com/product-p/20568.htm

You just need a 12V AC adapter that can supply at least 1W.

But to answer your question, you would be fine hooking 12V DC supply to a 120V AC fan. Nothing would happen though. Do not attempt the opposite as you could start a fire and would burn out the fan at the very least.

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now what wire do you connect to what wire both have two coming out of them does it matter?

Ok here they are I am going to put them on here and yall can tell me which one to use so I dont burn down my house.


so from left to right.

1)Input:110vac 60 Hz 7w Output:DC12V 150mA

2)Input: 120VAC 60 Hz 1.5w Output:3.2VDC 100mA

3)Input:120VAC 60Hz 25w Output: 12VDC 1A

4)Input: 120VAC 60 Hz 8w Output: 12VDC 300mA

5)Input:100-240V50/60Hz 0.8A Output:12V 2.5A

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