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My Nano - 6.6g


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I couldn't just not keep a tank...my tanks are up and running but are back in Cedar Park...I transferred schools (USAFA to SE Louisianna) and am now located in Hammond, LA. Enough about me...here is my tank so far...

Day 1:


Day 2:


Week 2:


Week 5: Got really sick of the lighting and stock filter. Was cramping my style :) (plus i'd like to actually put some kind of life in here eventually besides crabs) so I fixed the problem with a Coralife 11" t5 fixture which fit PERFECTLY and a Aquaclear 20...check it out.



Coral Banded Shrimp (we'll see how it goes...i've always wanted one)


I'm open to any and all suggestions. I will loosely attempt to stock it with my favorite zoas and TRY to keep some SPS near the top of the tank.

Enjoy, and have a GREAT Super Bowl Sunday.

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it's been very devoid of life...the first time I have truly been able to be patientblink.png it's paying off.

I have been following your build very closely, but have been pretty quiet...your cube is coming along pretty awesome as well!

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as promised.


where my pistol shrimp lives....






when i come across some SPS frags that i like, or maybe the next time i am back home in the ATX, i will glue some of the sides of the tank and see if i can get them to grow.

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these were taken a couple days back, but the polyp extension is great. it is always interesting to see how polyp's change color under different light as well.




i put in a damsel too devil.gif and did a small WC, i'll post when the water clears up (i got some sand strewn around and it made my pistol shrimp mad so he is redigging.)

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didnt really mess with this tank much during march. spring football ended so i did my March water change and added some fishies. the zoas are finally starting to "spread"


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