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A few frags for sale (or trade)

Bill B

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I'm trying to clean up my tanks and here are a few corals I could do without.

Green Slimer - $20 pending - This is 8 or 9 inches tip to tip, has blue tips. The plug broke off so it is just leaning against the rock in the picture. Flat base still there. I originally bought a small piece of this from Mike the dentist.


Also in this picture.on the left, is a frag of tri color acro -$10 Pending. It doesn't have any color right now, but I think that is common for a starter piece. This came from Robert and Cindy.

Forgot the Name Acro -$25 Pending. I got this from Chad n Belinda and it was about 1/5 the size for $15 or $20, I think it was a semi designer acro??. I thought it was A, insignus but it doesn't look like the picture I just looked up. Tips are light blue. Color is not normally that green, at least under my 10k halides, but this is the actual coral.


Dendro - $15 obo. This is a single polyp, not sun coral, probably about half grown. It cam from Scott in RR. It is really mad cuz I have been stirring up the tank all day, so it is not out right now, in the pic. I'll even throw in that little sprig of frogspawn, I knocked off smile.png


Green Palys - SOLD

Brown Green Palys - SOLD

I am trying to trade for some urchins with afgun so he will have first right of refusal. I am open to other trades. I am trying to move away from sps but am open to lps, and non brown or green zoas.

I am around day and night most days.

Thanks for lookin'

Bill Brister - 784-4475

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Thanks for the merge James.


I must not have asked enough for the bluish acro.

There have been many requests for it particularly. Alas it like will be gone if I haven't 'talked to you already'. Thanks


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