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So I decided that the day I came across an Oceanic 200g 7 x 2 x 2 tank in good condition, I would pick it up. Well I did!


First Job, Get It moved, Get it Drilled, Paint the stand.


Well, evidently 7 foot tanks and speed bumps don't get along mad.gif


I called Shane over at Fishy Business who I was going to have drill the tank, and told him what happened. A plan was hatched, the broken pane would be taken off, and a brand new pane would be added, then drill the tank and move it.

Start the process of waiting for the new pane to come in. got a few things done.
Ordered 50 lbs of Marco Rock


It's alot of rock for the money, cool pieces, I ended up with 54 lbs of rock. Here it is in a 55g tank I got for free!


I have since added some pieces of live rock and rubble from my sump and added 20g of water change water from my 90 gallon.

Built my canopy with my friend Josh


Only problem was it wouldn't fit in my car...doh.gif Down 620 I go!

Well, a few weeks later, after the glass store ordered the wrong size glass, and had to wait another week, it has arrived!
Helped set the glass after Shane set a layer of silicone


A few days later, drilled and ready!punk.gif

Now how to get it up these?
I found these guys!
These guys were awesome, they didn't even use a dolly!

And the Tank is now at it's new home.

Next step, SUMP is a 40 gallon breeder, Skimmer is EuroReef 250, Return is 2 mag 18's. Currently 152 lbs of Live Rock in my 90 that will move over, along with the 50 lbs of Marco Rock. I may add an additional 50-100 lbs of new Live Rock, depending on how money looks. I have my new APEX, thanks Mindflux!

Thinking of a few MP40's, I don't want to over do it. (MP60's seem to be too much)
I currently have 2 Koralias to supplement flow, but I want more variation and I like the idea of different Flow variation settings that come with the Vortechs.

I've been doing a lot of research and pricing of LED's.
I'm leaning towards the Evolution brand LED's that Don Duncan has on his tank but the new dimmable models. Still haven't made that plunge yet.

I have painted the outside of the canopy, I still need to paint the inside of the canopy white, and paint the tank trim black. Just waiting for the refund check to get everything else going!shifty.gif

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Well my Girlfriend had a car accident so I was in the hospital for a few days. Luckly she only suffered 5 pelvic fractures, and has to use a walker for a few months. No Surgery after a flip over car accident! She's super lucky.

So i'm on my own for a while.

I decided I was going to do my plumbing from my overflows to my sump today.



Boy did I find out how much of a pain in the blankity blank that can be if you don't have the right tools! **NOTE if the tool says it cuts up to 1 5/8" PVC, that means in reality it cuts 1 1/4" easily and everything else is a pain*** Save yourself the trouble and get the bigger one!!!!



Time for some much needed recoop!


Almost READY!!!!!!!!

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Painted the Trim today.

I used rustoleum Satin Black. Oil Based outdoor paint. The paint I used for the Canopy and Stand.

I think it came out good



I ordered my Evolution EVO150 LED's today. I'm going to start with 2 led fixtures and 2 halides on the tank, and eventually get rid of the halides. From what reefkoi said, the EVO150 will have slightly better par than a 250w halide and have a 20k spectrum, but is fully dimmable to be more blue or more white based on what I like.

I'll also be getting my new live rock and start adding water and my Marco Rock to the tank this week!

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It took forever for my glass to cover up and even then it's spotty. You should just get a black oil based paint and go to town on the back. I ended up doing it as an afterthough and it was a tight sqeeze behind there.

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Yeah, I thought about it. We'll see how it goes. I loved the way my 90 looked once it got going. I still have more paint.

It took forever for my glass to cover up and even then it's spotty. You should just get a black oil based paint and go to town on the back. I ended up doing it as an afterthough and it was a tight sqeeze behind there.

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Got 77 lbs of new Tucani Live Rock, I moved the Marco Rock over as well. The pieces of Marco rock are alot heavier than the Tucani Rock. Kinda Interesting. I'll let that run for a while before aquascaping and moving things over.

Ordered my MP40's! Everything's moving along. I'm going to do another coat on my Canopy and get it set up.post-1783-0-78132400-1328330593_thumb.jp

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Thursday I decided to get my Substrate, I went with the same crushed coral that I used in the 90. I rinsed it really good and then put in the the tank.


I then did a mock scape to get the rocks set up for everything to be moved over. This is how it looked Friday.


Saturday was a long day! Started at about 11 am and went until about 4.

I emptied my sump water into the tank, and began moving my live rock and corals over one by one as I gave them a good toothbrushing. It took a while and I tried to get some good scaping making use of my Marco Rock and a shelf rock I got in trade. I found my 2 month old Electric Scallop in the process which I hadn't seen since I put it in the tank. It is doing great btw.

This is everything moved over at 4 o'clock with only my 2 4 foot VHO's lighting it mounted to my new canopy.


My Hippo Tang and BiColor Blenny gave me a scare. I moved every fish over once majority of my 100 or so gallons water was in the 200 from my 90, but I couldn't find my hippo or Blenny in the 90. About 2 hours later, here they are swimming around the 200! They must have been hiding in some of the live rock that was carried over about 14 feet of carpet out of water until I placed it in the 200! Crazy!

I tested my ALK, Cal, and MG and everything was great.

I had to take a pit stop and let things settle to go pick up a coral from Austin Aqua Farms before 4 so I jetted over there and gave the debris some time to settle, and gave the tank a nice dose of TLC Start Smart Liquid Bacteria to knock out the Nitrates and Phos that i'm sure got kicked up in the process of moving.

Once I got back I got a few minor things done. I got some handles for the canopy and doors.



I installed my GFO reactor and Heater, and APEX with my ALK and CAL dosers.


I got my 2 Halides installed until my LED's come in.



I think it came out pretty good, and Everything seems ok.

Sunday Morning, I woke up to find my Yellow Tang RIP. I've had him for about 5 months so I know he was eating well and what not, but it was too much stress for him. Everyone else is OK! I only have 1 SPS RTN on me, But it wasn't doing so good in the 90, so I kind of expected it.

So my LED's and MP40's should be in this week hopefully, and i'll do another update then!

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WXM module is here, MP40's will be here tomorrow, I'll have my LED's this weekend or Monday!

I lost my Blue mille that i've had for about 2 months and all the frags I cut of it. :( RTN

I also lost a Yellow Fuzzy Acro to RTN that i've had for almost 10 months! I can't see why he got upset.

As far as I can tell, the biggest difference in the 200 vs the 90 is the temperature. The 90 used to always run hot at about 77-80 degrees. Since the switch, the 200 has been right between 75.5-77.5. Theres not as much flow in the 200 either compared to the 90, but the mp40's will help with that problem. Hopefull I won't lose anything else.

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