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Steve Ramos

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Hello everybody

I found this website/forum after following the Mr. Saltwater Tank guy. Weeks of researching online almost made me crazy, but luckily I found this website and I have been following Mark's advice on most products and procedures.

I am slowly building a 75 gallon tank with a corner overlow. I mean slowly because I didn't realize the budget required when starting from scratch and trying to buy the best equipment so that I don't have to buy again and again...

I currently have the 75 gallon tank, stand, and canopy. I refinished the stand and canopy with a black stain to match my other furniture. I also purchased the All-Glass overlow kit which is now installed. I went ahead and purchased a lot of LED lighting from Ecoxotic. I am going to put 4 LED modules on each side so a total of 8. I also purchased 4 blue stunner strips to provide better color. I then purchased 2 ultraviolet stunner strips to use as my moonlight. It was a little pricey but I'm happy knowing they will produce little heat and I don't have to replace lights every 6 months.

My latest purchase has been the ADHI Refugium sump, model 30 for tanks up to 130 gallons. I went up a model that will still fit in my stand. After researching and seeing a lot of preferences towards the DIY sumps, I decided I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to design the sump, buy the tools from home depot to make all of the cuts. I know its a little lazy but I decided I did a lot of DIY with the stand and canopy, I just wanted to buy a nice sump that will last for a long time.

My next step is a skimmer and I've decided on the SWC Extremem 160 based on the videos by Mr. Saltwater Tank. I love how I can watch the videos when I try to fine tune the skimmer myself and I know I'll be getting a nice and quiet skimmer. I am also now trying to look for a return pump as well as all of the tubing involved to connect the tank to the sump. I'm a little confused and will be looking for some advice on this next step. I will post these questions on a more appropriate forum.

Just wanted to say hello from a newbie who is only used to freshwater, and I appreciate all of the advice in advance!!

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Welcome to the group! Glad to have you.

I currently have a BC29, but I am building a 125g. I didn't realize the budget required either. It adds up quick! Mark does an awesome job on the videos and information he puts out.

Keep reading and be patient. Ping me if you have any questions.

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