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How many is too many?


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Anyone have two pairs of mated clowns in the same tank?

Is it working?

I have a mated pair of true percs that have been hosting a BTA in one end of my 180g for years.

Wondering if I could safely add another pair (to hopefully host at least one of the two BTAs that are at the other end of the 180g).



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From my personal experience, the only time we had a problem with them were when there was an odd number. The odd one out would try to school with the two other mated pair and neither pair would allow the odd one in. So he was continously being chased off when he would get close. I think if we'd put another clown in with the odd one we would have had three pair in one tank. Two pair never both each other at all. They just ignore each other until it's time to eat.

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Didn't work for me, even in my new tank. It was an orange/white pair and a black/white pair. These guys went at it so hard that if they weren't seperated immediately somebody would have got hurt. Luckily clownfish are usually easy to catch, especially in the heat of battle. I tried different scenarios to like introducing them to the new tank together and taking out each pair for a week and then reintroducing them back to the tank...nothing worked. I think that it was my black/white pair that were the aggressors.

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