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I have some corals that I need to get rid of. I had neglected my tank of water changes for a short time since I have been really busy. I recently started the water changes again but some of my corals are looking like they are not happy and I am having a algae out break. I need to rehome them. I do not want them to die on me and would prefer selling them to someone with a healthy tank where they can flourish. If you are interested, please call. This is the first time that I log-in since a prettly long while. This is my number. I would like to have them picked up ASAP, therefore, I am not holding anything. If you want it, come and get it. 512-388-1072 Edgar. I am in Round Rock off of 79 and Georgetown St.

This is what I have for sale:

Large purple tip white base goniopora $25

small red with purple tip goniopora $15

4 head blastomusa $35

blue hornet rock (about 13-15 polyps) $35

orange plate coral $20

small tubbs blue zoas on a disk with a small frag of green birdsnest $25

superman monti $20

Galaxia $20

These have actually looked really good a few months ago but with traveling and all I have not be able to keep the tank as healthy as I need to and may be a little dim in color. This is what I have for sale now but in the near future I may be breaking down my tank and parting everything out....









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All are still available... I have about 6 people interested in different things but want me to hold until Saturday. I am not holding due to a few not showing up. If I still have the peices that you want, give me a call on the day you can come to pick them up and I will let you know if I still have them available. Today I will be home around 4:30pm. If you want to come by, give me a call after this time. My number is above. Thanks guys for looking and please excuse me for not holding. I have had some bad experiences with no shows, which prevent other members from taking advantage of the sale...

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