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Oh my gosh NEM


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A couple of weeks ago I bought a beautiful BTA from Long. Oh my gosh, I have a new BTA, today, it is awesome. The BTA I just bought from Long has already split. Last night when I fed all my babies in all three tanks, all was well. I just got home from work and was check each tank. I was looking and seen something that was a "what's that" thingy...Ran got me glasses and the BTA I bought from Long had split. The new BTA moved away from the original BTA. But both are about the same size. Oh my gosh.....so cute.

I have been trying for months to get my RBTA to split and never has. Even doing what Cyrus told me to do. Last night I gave gave my new BTA a silversides and it just loved it. I am so excited about my new BTA.

Okay, now that there are two BTA do I need to do anything special to help them while they heal?

Thank you Long.


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Silversides should be chopped into small pieces to be fed to a nem. If it is a large piece it will spit it back out in the middle of the night and leave the fish to rot in your tank. I always used Mysis to feed my nems and only once every couple weeks.

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