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Best way to add rock work


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marine epoxy is not for marine fish. its really meant for boats n stuff. make sure its meant for "aquariums" or is "Aquarium safe"

just thought i would pass that on since i bought the stuff as well and realized it had actually said " NOT AQUARIUM SAFE"

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I have heard these are good for using:

AquaMend from Home Depot AquaScape Aquarium Epoxy and Aquascape Construction Epoxy,

JasonJones show me the epoxy he used when build his rock scape and said it was good but can't remember if it was AquaScape epoxy or SeaScape epoxy. Jason has done some incredible work with his tank it is awesome.

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I've got the Aquascape Construction Epoxy. It just doesn't seem to adhere... it sets fine.

To make a structure though, you basically have to wrap the two pieces in a layer of the expoxy and the hardened epoxy acts has a brace, but it's not really holding to the rock.


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There are several ways to build a rock structure. If you want to put it together and have it stay together, you can use a lot of glue or epoxy and make it work, but I think there are better routes.

For 2 part epoxy, I have used a ton of them and they are all about the same.. The current one I have is D-D ROWA Aquascape Epoxy, you can find it at most online vendors. It is nice that it is two sticks and purple, but I don't like that it can be cloudy in the tank when working with it. I know you can use the JB water weld (something like that) found at home depot or Lowes. Many people have used it without problem.

Personally, I would use a hydraulic cement and cement the joints between the rocks. It cures in just a few days and it will be set permanently. Here is a great thread on the topic: http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=993625&highlight=crushed+oyster+shells+epoxy

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