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AdamO's Tank


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Just wanted to have this thread so I could document everything I do to my tank. I started it in July and it's recovering from the heat issues that I posted about in the other thread.


Biocube 14

900 GPH upgraded pump

3.24 Nano-Customs lighting upgrade

In-Tank Media Rack with Cheato, Filter Floss, and Purigen

420/454 Dual Actinic PC-R, Actinic White PC-R, 10000k Daylight / Actinic Blue PC

Dual Temp Heater

Koralia Hydor (Not Plugged In)



Black Ocellaris Clownfish

Yellow Watchman Goby

Corals, Anemones and Other Life:

Green Star Polyps

Yellow Polyps

Maze Brain Coral

Red Mushrooms

Blue Mushroom

2 Candy Canes

Long Tentacle Anemone

Rock Flower Anemone


Brown Ricordia

Christmas Tree Favia

Doing 3-4 gallon water changes weekly and feeding every two days with pump off. Temp is now constant at 79*.

I'll post pics up of the stuff that i'm not sure what the exact name of them are. Here is are a few pictures of my tank.

Any help with the upside down pics would be appreciated. They aren't upside down when I upload them... (JamesL: Done! :))







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Turned the world back on it's right side (for the pictures at least)
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Anyone have any tips on the long tentacle anemone? It looks better than it did, but still looks pretty bad. You can see it in the pictures near the sand bed. It was in the back of the tank for a long time then came back to the front when I put in the lighting upgrade.

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I would think that you might have enough light for the LTA. Maybe. The other option is that it got used to the lower light previously and is acclimating itself to the new lights.

See if it will take some food for you. It looks bleached currently and feeding it will help it recover.

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I will alert the great one, and see if your first post pictures can be fixed. Seems beyond my mod-ly powers.

Ok, I talked to the supreme one, and he pointed out something I didn't even think to look at. The pictures were taken upside down. The internal meta data of each picture says they each where taken 180 degrees from normal (with an iPhone 4 at that :)).

A lot of image viewers automagically rotate pictures so they look correct.

Since I am waiting for a script to finish running, I will rotate them for you and correct the first post.

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