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Hello Everyone


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Hello everyone.

Just started keeping salt water tanks again after a 10 years or so.

Got back into it when my wife fell in love with a Purple Reef Lobster (Debelius' lobster) at the beginning of the year.

We bought him and named him Indigo Montoya; You cooked my father prepare to die.

Since then it's been a fun ride dealing with things like:

  • Trying out feeder shrimp: Indigo doesn't apparently eat feeder shrimp so we've still got 2 hanging out with him.
  • Invasion of the Aiptasia. This was fought off with the addition of three peppermint shrimp. Tic, Tac, & Toe
  • Caulerpa trying to over grow the tank and then going sexual.

Anyway Indigo Montoya and I are looking forward to joining the Austin Reef Club.

post-1510-089061800 1278859863_thumb.jpg

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I've got a Fluval Edge system (6g). I've swapped out the default lights for 2 240 lumen LED lights and added a 10w compact florescent coralife 50/50 bulb.

The aiptasia is actually all gone at this point thanks to the peppermint shrimp.

Live stock in the tank is:

1 Purple Reef Lobster

3 Peppermint Shrimp -- Actually looking at getting rid of these guys. .

2 "feeder shrimp" -- not sure exactly what they are but small clear shrimp I got for a quarter each at Aquatek

4 Snails

3-4 Orange Ball Corallimorphs ( think that's what they are)

Bunch of Chaetomorpha

I'm hoping to add some GSP and Xenia to the tank soon. I think my lighting should be okay for those.

Like I mentioned above I'd also like to get rid of the peppermint shrimp and replace them with something else. I think they killed a bumble bee snail I had and I've seen them attacking some of the other snails. Seems like odd behavior based on what I've read about them.

Biggest challenge I have with this tank is trying to stock it with things the lobster won't eat. I feed him daily and so far he's been vary laid back but I'd hate to add something just to have him decide it looks tasty.

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