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Nano Frag Pack


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This will make a nice starter set in a nano tank.

1"...Red Milli

1"...ORA Hyacinth Birdnest

1"...Ponape Birdnest

1" Paletta Lovelii

1 head Australian Duncan

1" Pink blue-tip Latistella

1" Red w/pink rim Capricornis

All this for $60...Pictures of Mother colonies NFS



Paletta Lovelii


Red pink-tip Milli


Red pink-rim Cap and Australian Duncans


Ponape Birdnest


I will deliver to Austin at my convenience...Sat around noon to Aquadome

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Sat around noon to Aquadome

Dang, that's across the street from my house. I'd love to know the next time you're running up to town and are fraggable - I definitely caught the thread a day too late. I could meet you at the Dome if you wanted, or if you come up on a Sunday you know I'll be at River City :huh:

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