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Coral Fire Sale. Everything Must GO!!!!


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I am almost ready to break down my tank so I have dropped prices and have some awesome deals. First come first serve and cash only.


WYSIWYG Tyree LE Mia's Pot of Gold Favia ($65)


WYSIWYG 2" x 1" chunck of Tyree LE Minefield Cyphastrea ($20)


WYSIWYG Tyree LE Purple War Coral (note this is quite different from the Tyree War Coral) ($45)


WYSIWYG Tyree LE Pink Watermelon Chalice (2" x 2"+) This bad boy has around 10 eyes. ($300)

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WYSIWYG Hell's Kitchen Chalice. Do a Reef2Reef search for Hell's Kitchen and see how amazing this thing gets ($35)


WYSIWYG 3" x 2" Leng Sy Cap from ATL ($20)


WYSIWYG Tyree LE Purple Green Eyes Cyphastrea Japonica ($15)


WYSIWYG Pink and Purple Pillow Favia. This one was in a dark spot in my tank and browned out. It is starting to regain some of it's great color ($35)


WYSIWYG Electric Stylo Colony ($20)

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WYSIWYG Tyree LE Pastel War and Peace Coral (now only $65)


WYSIWYG Krypotonite Candy Cane Colony (from JG) SOLD to Dave


WYSIWYG Bryan's Baby Hybrid Watermelon Chalice Colony quarter sized ($180)


WYSIWYG Quarter sized Fragfarmer's Watermelon Chalice ($150)


WYSIWYG Tyree LE Agent Orange ($70)

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WYSIWYG Tyree LE Rainbow Monti Colony 3"x2" for ($50)


WYSIWYG Rasta Chalice quarter sized for ($150)


Tyree LE Green Polyp Toadstool opened up at 5"x4" for ($75)


WYSIWYG 3 eyes Tyree LE Golden eye Chalice- will have nice pink inside with a green rim0 one of the harder one's to find ($85)

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HUGE 5" x 4" Hollyood Stunner Chalice for $75. Compare at what WWC sells for 3/4"


WYSIWYG Hybrid Watermelon Chalice-nickle sized- gets pink inside ($65)


Tyree LE War Coral-similar sized frags now for (only $25)

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Hey Andy, I would like to pickup that Candy Cane colony any evening this week that is convenient for you. Please let me know.

Thanks again,


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I put $40 in your paypal account to hold the candy cane. I stopped by and picked up some corals from you a while back, not too far from you (Anderson Mill/620). I can stop by any day this week. Can you let me know a time that works & forward your address?

Much appreciated,


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Belinda has frozen my PayPal account and torn up my ATM/ debit/ credit cards because of you. LOL Those corals look AWSOME. Anybody who hasn't been to Andys better hurry up before they miss out on some great and hard to find corals.

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Payment recieved. Thx. Hollywood Stunner is sold as well as the WYSIWYG frags of the Tyree LE purple with green eye chypastrea and the minefield cyphastrea.

I can make additional similar sized frags of the Minefield for the same price. I also have more Japonica..if anyone is interested PM me for sizes and pricing.

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