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Losing my Kryptonite Candycane?

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my small colony fell down over night and landed on my small rock nem. only 1 head was damaged and looked just lik yours. i think i can save it tho, its slowly looking more and more promising. good luck:wave:

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Post water change values:

Calcium: 400

Magnesium: 1250

Alkalinity: 6

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

pH: 8.3

Nothing way out of whack...

Looks like I need to start dosing two part again, but I'm concerned my pH will go too high. Might have to move to the low pH formula.

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Looks like your KH is a bit low and your Mg is right on the borderline, if it was me I would raise KH 8, Mg 1350 or higher and your Ca wouldn't hurt to be @ 425-450. We had something similar going on w/our kryptonite candycane colony...I have a mini colony (on the left side of the tank---right by the overflow panel) that gets indirect lighting and is happy as it can be....all fleshed out and happy. I decide to move the mother colony to opposite side of the tank and place it as I did the mini-colony.....and now the mother colony is happier. I'm thinking maybe our lighting was the cause of it.

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I agree on getting those numbers up. I've just gotta figure out how to do it without blowing my pH sky high...

Where it's located it was growing wildly until a week or so ago...it could be pissed off at the change to MH lighting...but it's the bottom that's dying, on one side. The top still looks ok. ugh. :)

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The good news is that if you get the parameters back to a state that makes it happy soon those heads can regrow (so much nicer than having a health colony attached to unattractive skeleton). This happened to our Kryptonite after a bad tumble that resulted in an extended encounter with a more poisonous soft coral. Best of luck!

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