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Some practice shots.


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Hey guys.

Here are some shots of my new Acans. I fail at getting good, in focus shots. I'm using a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 18-70mm Lense... anyone know if this is supposed to be a macro lense? THanks :)

Feeding time!






Thanks for looking!

PLEASE feel free to give me some pointers. :)

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Nice shots!

18-70mm is a wide angle to normal lense. I believe 50mm is considered "normal" view. The small the mm, the wider the picture. I have a 70-200mm zoom lense that I do my macro shots with.

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Nice acan. I hope you have a birthday coming up. Macro lenses aren't cheap.

In 11 short months. :) But, my Dad is a fan of photography and will probably buy it saying it is for me, then turn around and use it more often than I. bye.gif

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Are you letting the lens do all the focusing? Try setting the lens to manual focus. Also you need to photograph the subject straight on, as the glass and maybe even the water will distort the image. I can't read the Exif file so I'm not sure what ISO the camera is set at. If you can bump the ISO up or use a tripod with a timer (the corals aren't going anywhere) you should see an improvement in focus.

I needed mean to make this a photography lesson. The shots look good just need a little refinement. PM me if you want a little more in depth advice. . .

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