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  1. great. good to hear. its a stunner in my tank and grows fast.
  2. i have a single and triple left. there is a reefer interested in the single right now.
  3. No. Sold loooong ago
  4. updated to only show what is left.
  5. updated prices on the torches.
  6. Selling come corals here Mushroom rock. Pink Intersteller, and forgot the name of the other one, but high end just the same: $75 SOLD Garf Bonzai: $20 ORA Purple Plasma: $25 Bizzaro Cyphastria: $25 SOLD
  7. It's crazy to look back on this and see two things... 1) how much growth 2) how many things I killed.
  8. On sump. Need a fuge but also room to put stuff, which I got wrong on the first one
  9. Hi Guys I know this forum has gone quiet over the past few months but there are still a very valuable bunch of folks here. I have out grown my 42 cube and wifey hasn't decided if she want to move or stay so I can't build the big dream tank... So I have an odd space where my 42 cube is now that I am going to fill with a 112g (est) tank. Dimensions will be 36 x 30 x 24. Stand will be 36 high and equal dims wide and long. Will be mixed but mainly SPS (really like blastos and gonis) I know I will be going with duel reef octopus returns, royal exclusive skimmer, 2 Radion G5 XR30
  10. late update. all sold. please close
  11. hammers still for sale. open for offers. otherwise will move to R2R
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