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  1. eddius-maximus

    Cleaning filter socks

    Toss 'em in the washer and use hot rinse cycle and a little bleach. They'll be good as new. Afterwards do another rinse cycle, no bleach. Or put them in a box in your garage and never use them again like I did.
  2. eddius-maximus

    When to add PO4 remover when cycling

    Another viable course of action is just to wait and let it burn out. I'm about 4 months into a new anemone tank. I got GHA a month in and instead of doing anything I just dropped a few turbo snails in and let it ride. It turned lighter and wispier and eventually vanished.
  3. eddius-maximus

    When to add PO4 remover when cycling

    Diatoms in the sand is normal. GHA this early on tells me your rock probably has some phosphate leeching. The first year or two will be gross. It's normal. What PO4 remover were you thinking of using? GFO? In a perfect ideal world your skimmer and chaeto would be enough nutrient export, and in a few months, it likely will be enough. For now, it isn't a bad idea to start the GFO. Take BRS's calculator recommended amount and cut it in half, especially if using the high capacity stuff.
  4. eddius-maximus

    Just picked up a macro lens, holy moly

    ....I'm going to use this thread as a dump of random photos, I hope no one minds. Full tank shot. Switching over to Orpheks was one of my good reef decisions. Tons of acro frags placed, I think it'll look really good once they've taken off.
  5. eddius-maximus

    Just picked up a macro lens, holy moly

    Shaolin, my Starry Blenny. He's an idiot who keeps using my maxima clam as his personal throne but his eyebrow game is pretty on point.
  6. eddius-maximus

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    That is very surprising! Was your original dose 20mg per gallon?
  7. eddius-maximus

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    So I dosed Fluconazole back in May, around 7 months ago. It 100% annihilated my annoying Bryopsis problem. I woke up this morning to big tufts of Bryopsis in 4 different sections of my tank. I'd say 7 months of not having to worry about this terrible crap is pretty good. Now the debate is whether or not I should re-dose. The last time I did it, it also killed my hair algae. Now that I'm using an algae scrubber as a source of nutrient export, it's not so clear what the appropriate course of action is.
  8. eddius-maximus

    Just picked up a macro lens, holy moly

    I used to be a photographer many moons ago (www.eddieobryan.com). I'm not sure why it never really occurred to me to combine hobbies, but here we are. My new Canon 100mm macro just arrived in the mail this evening. I was only able to snap a few shots before actinics kicked on for the evening, but holy cow. The detail! And the learning curve. This was grown from a frag I got from jolt. I believe it was a Wolverine (?). Rainbow BTA Green torch
  9. eddius-maximus

    Xenia Coral

    Don't do it. There are a gajillion beautiful corals out there. They'll take over your tank.
  10. eddius-maximus


    I love these things. I have two XF-250s as my primary flow (one on each side of the tank). Like jolt mentioned they require cleaning or flow output strength reduces considerably. I hate cleaning these. To the point where I've stopped. It's been 9 months since my last cleaning. Instead what I do is just increase flow. Pre cleaning, 40% is too strong. Now they're both sitting at variable flow rates between 70% and 100% and it's the perfect amount for my tank.
  11. eddius-maximus

    Algae Scrubbers

    My 4 year old son saw me attempting to figure out how to elegantly fit my new Turbo scrubber into the sump. His solution, utilizing some old toys.
  12. eddius-maximus

    Algae Scrubbers

    Thanks for the links. I read them. What was Palletta's observation? Was it lack of coral growth/recession? Or sudden macro algae loss?
  13. eddius-maximus

    Algae Scrubbers

    I just can't seem to get chaeto to grow anymore.
  14. eddius-maximus

    Algae Scrubbers

    Argh, Turbos Aquatics. Drives me nuts. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one second hand one of these days. I'm actually really impressed at the apparent efficiency of a thriving refugium. As soon as I pulled mine, I'm now seeing hundreds of tiny microbubbles all over my live rock which tells me algae and cyano is brewin'. I need to find some alternate means of nutrient reduction until I can get my macros going again. I *really* don't want to bring out the old GFO reactor.
  15. eddius-maximus

    Algae Scrubbers

    My tank has recently decided that refugiums are for scrubs. Chaeto, ulva/sea lettuce, Gracilaria, all rejected. Definitely not a nutrient issue as now that the macro algaes have lost dominance in my system, I'm starting to see a little cyano and HA in both my fuge and display - things I haven't seen in a long time. I'm toying with the idea of swapping out my refugium for an algae scrubber. Does anyone have any experiences? There's also a handful of 'popular' ones. Turbo scrubbers seem to be the top of the list but after swapping e-mails with him since February begging for a unit, I'm done. Making scrubbers doesn't appear to be a business or even a hobby for the guy at this point. I see different brands like 302Aquatics and Santa Monica and Clear Water. The Santa Monica RAIN2 seems interesting. Who uses one? Thoughts? Worth it?