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  1. eddius-maximus

    ATI Blue+ 36"

    Long shot I know. Looking for 1 or 2 of them.
  2. eddius-maximus

    Diamond Watchman Goby

    Unfortunately not, surprisingly.
  3. eddius-maximus

    Diamond Watchman Goby

    Looked everywhere, nowhere local. Figured it was worth a shot on ARC.
  4. eddius-maximus

    WTB Sunny D colony

    caravanshaka does I believe.
  5. eddius-maximus

    Steven's LED Biocube 32 - First Tank

    I owned a Biocube years ago and ended up swapping out the stock lights with a set from Nanobox. I think it was called the Retro (?). I haven't read this whole thread so apologies if this option was already mentioned.
  6. eddius-maximus

    4-5" Convict Tang - Fat and Healthy $30

    Cool, will PM you.
  7. eddius-maximus

    4-5" Convict Tang - Fat and Healthy $30

    Reef safe.
  8. eddius-maximus

    4-5" Convict Tang - Fat and Healthy $30

    I've had him for about a year. No issues. No aggression, healthy eater. I am just lowering my bioload and pulling a couple fish. I'm located in SW Austin. $30. I'll also consider a trade if you have a sleeper goby.
  9. eddius-maximus

    Torch corals

    Anyone selling any torches? Post some pics!
  10. I appreciate it! I actually have two new po4 kits here. Both read 1.2. I’m slowly bringing it down now. Would phosphate reading that high cause rtn in acros?
  11. Same page. I ordered a Salifert test. 1.2ppm. Went back to my old Hanna. 0.015 ppm.
  12. eddius-maximus

    Color and growth influenced by water flow

    I was at Ty’s house a couple days ago. If he told me his secret to his ridiculous tank was throwing dirty gym socks into it, I’d be at the gym getting a membership right now
  13. ICP results arrived. Everything green except this. 1.2 mg/l phosphate. And this is after quite a substantial amount of water changes. I’ve been testing po4 with a Hanna and never got a single reading over 0.03. Bad reagent. Im thinking maybe my new rock on the right has been leeching phosphate. I’ve never in my life seen phosphate this high before and I am assuming it could cause some death.
  14. This is a big fear for me right now. I've checked and re-checked -- what if I missed something? I added a poly filter which are supposed to change color if metals are present. After a few days, no color. I sent out an ICP test today so I'll know more in a week or so.
  15. Two weeks ago I was in total agreement with you. I thought for sure that was the answer. But I feed heavy and have a huge bioload. I removed my filter socks, removed my algae scrubber, and removed the marinepure blocks, and went back to needing to clean glass daily. Hair algae is starting to pop up. Brand new tester frags are still dying.