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  1. eddius-maximus

    Hope you guys dont mind me joining

  2. eddius-maximus

    The new tank is up!

    New arrivals. 8 Chromis, 1 Hippo Tang, and 1 Yellow Wrasse. Chromis. Never again. This is the second time I’ve attempted a school. They’re disappearing one a day just like the last time I tried this. Lesson learned! Three down, 5 left. Freakin Highlander in there.
  3. eddius-maximus

    Refried...I mean Refrozen food :)

    That is a super cool find! Perfect for your application. Another thing you could try is making your own food - I'm not sure what additives are in the cubes we all use but there's definitely something. I goto HEB and grab a half pound of mussels, oysters, shrimp, scallops, random fish, toss them into a food processor and then smoosh into a thin layer in a ziplock bag and toss in freezer. The time it takes to thaw in saltwater is very different than the cubes which tells me extra ingredients are definitely added. One batch lasts me months and months - and that's feeding 18 fish!
  4. eddius-maximus

    The new tank is up!

    Thanks guys! I am currently experiencing the most intense diatoms bloom (or something! Brownish green dust algae coating everything) I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing it’s the silicates in the new sand. Im assuming the best course of action is to do nothing as surely if it’s silicates it’ll burn up and dissipate eventually.
  5. eddius-maximus

    The new tank is up!

    It was about two weeks of back breaking work. But the transfer went smoothly! 14 fish and 100s of coral, no losses. This is the Reefer 750XXL, upgraded from my old Reefer 450. All parameters have stabilized, although I'm getting a lovely diatom/green dusty algae bloom which I'm assuming is from the new sand. Seeded with two old rocks (two on the left) with one new rock added (on the right). The main annoyance I have right now is getting it level. Got it plumb level, then filled it. After a few days of settling, it was dipping towards one corner around 4mm. We got it fixed and perfectly level again, then a few days later I guess it has continued to settle and is again showing around a 2mm drop in one corner. I'm debating on whether that small amount is worth fixing. Contacted Red Sea, they said it's 100% fine, but it's still keeping me pretty preoccupied. My neighbor and good friend Joe AKA Caravanshaka on these boards helped me immensely with this build. Thanks, dude!
  6. eddius-maximus

    Ashton's Waterbox 15

    I started with 100% dry rock. I think it contributes to a harsher ugly phase (my tank went through diatoms (normal), but got a pretty heavy cyano and dinos outbreak). Things can get interesting (awful) on a bacterial level before everything stabilizes. But two years later, my rock is encrusted with coralline (and a thousand other things) and teeming with pods, sponges, worms, you name it, it's in there living and thriving. Life will find a way as you add coral from a thousand different systems over the life span of your tank. Don't feel bad about the dry rock decision! I did it too and will continue doing it for future tanks.
  7. eddius-maximus


    I'm a horrible fish owner. My tanks have had ich for forever. Zero losses, though. I add a new fish, it may have like 30% chance of showing signs. I just feed, feed, feed. It goes away. 100% success rate so far. I do soak my food in selcon sometimes.
  8. I have a large japanese toadstool leather and black widow BTA. Neither one is moving. Just getting bigger. And I'm quite stuck as to the best course of action. This rock is Pukani so the BTA isn't going anywhere. His foot is, no joke, 5" deep into a tiny crevice. And the toadstool is massive. Its stalk is four inches across. Will this play out in the exact way I'm assuming it'll play out? AKA anemone wins and my gorgeous toadstool is no longer gorgeous? Any instances of these two weirdly co-existing?
  9. eddius-maximus

    Struggling with acros in a reefer 525

    Hey there, my money's on coral starvation. High alkalinity and GFO without enough dissolved organics. The solution is a fun one, though. Get more fish. Feed them more often. Pull the GFO. All good things. Maybe once you have 15 fish in there and they're all fat from all your feedings, you could consider re-adding the GFO. Until then, your water is too clean!
  10. eddius-maximus

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    What’s the top one?!
  11. eddius-maximus

    Lamarck's Angelfish

    Wow this resulted in a shocking amount of private messages. Apologies guys, he's gone, going with the honor system with the first person that PMed me.
  12. eddius-maximus

    Lamarck's Angelfish

    Beautiful, peaceful, reef safe angelfish. As far as I know, the only type of reef safe angel. Currently stocked with tons of SPS, LPS, and softies. Eats everything (nori, mysis, HEB seafood, etc). Disease free. At some point my convict tang decided that The General (his name) deserves death. Their beef is stressing out the rest of the tank. I was able to catch the angelfish first so, off he goes. Needs a 125+ display. He's around 4 to 5 inches. Located in Circle C, SW Austin.
  13. eddius-maximus

    Cleaning filter socks

    Toss 'em in the washer and use hot rinse cycle and a little bleach. They'll be good as new. Afterwards do another rinse cycle, no bleach. Or put them in a box in your garage and never use them again like I did.
  14. eddius-maximus

    When to add PO4 remover when cycling

    Another viable course of action is just to wait and let it burn out. I'm about 4 months into a new anemone tank. I got GHA a month in and instead of doing anything I just dropped a few turbo snails in and let it ride. It turned lighter and wispier and eventually vanished.