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  1. Chris_ATX

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    That would work for me. I’ll let you know when I free to stop by and pick some stuff out.
  2. Chris_ATX

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Sounds good. I actually got 2 of the Orange Passion from him. The first one he originally cut started to STN before I picked it up. It has since recovered.
  3. Chris_ATX

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I’m going to need a pack soon. The 2 pieces I got from you for testers plus the 4 from Houston are doing great.
  4. Chris_ATX

    Sb reef led question. Cross posted

    If you haven’t tried calling them I would. Read multiple times that emails don’t always get responded to.
  5. Chris_ATX

    25 Lagoon Build

    Sc Orange Passion
  6. Chris_ATX

    25 Lagoon Build

    Got the XR30 G4 and new frags on the rack and seem to be acclimating well. From left to right: SC Orange Passion, SC Orange Passion, Tierra del Fuego, CB Pink Lemonade Digi
  7. Dibs on a Wolverine and red diablo.
  8. Chris_ATX


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  9. Chris_ATX


    I have a sbreef 16” basic that I won’t be using any longer. Has only about 8 months use on it. https://sbreeflights.com/sbox-reef-lights/1-sbox-basic.html
  10. Chris_ATX

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    I drilled a whole in the pvc also.
  11. Chris_ATX

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    I just added them straight to the tank. I haven’t seen any signs of ich or internal parasites. I built a home for my jawfish. When adding him I just held the net over that spot until he went in. Has been there for about 3 weeks now.
  12. Chris_ATX

    300 Gallon Disaster Reboot

    I recently picked up a pearly jawfish and golden Midas Blenny off diversden and they both came in healthy. The jawfish took some time to get comfortable but now comes out and swims with everyone else.
  13. Chris_ATX

    Red sea Mag Test kit

    Sent you a text
  14. Chris_ATX

    25 Lagoon Build

    @FarmerTy I’m loving the Golden Midas. Has been out swimming with the clowns and is just gorgeous.
  15. Chris_ATX

    25 Lagoon Build

    The jawfish has finally started to come out of his home and ate like a pig along with everyone else this evening.