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  1. 12_egg_omelette

    Reef Savvy SUMP - Georgetown - $500

    Ugh why must you tempt me. Will you let go of the tank too? We can do a package deal.
  2. 12_egg_omelette


    Honestly in a small all in one if you want a mandarin id add pods on a very regular basis. I've kept mandarins in a 12 gallon AIO, I'm not just trying to sell you lots of pods. You need to have pods reproduce faster than they fall to predation
  3. 12_egg_omelette


    I can help, let me know if you have any questions.
  4. 12_egg_omelette

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    I just saw you Sunday
  5. 12_egg_omelette

    BPB’s 150

    @Bpb is that Seans old tank?
  6. 12_egg_omelette

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Looking good Ty.
  7. 12_egg_omelette

    Zen reef

    Woo hoo! We found your one.
  8. 12_egg_omelette

    Spring frag swap

    My ears just perked up!
  9. 12_egg_omelette


    Howdy, from the San Antonio area as well. I love the stores in Austin, I'd suggest checking out the aqua dome or aquatek, and river city. In San Antonio I really like elegant reef and aquariumd esign.
  10. 12_egg_omelette

    Howdy All!

  11. 12_egg_omelette

    Pods Rotifers Phyto

    I do, podyourreef.com Shoot me a message if you have any questions.
  12. 12_egg_omelette

    Pods Rotifers Phyto

    Thanks jolt. We do, we’ll begin shipping at the start of the new year, but you can still place orders now. We’re working on getting a banner together to sponsor Austin reef club as well.
  13. 12_egg_omelette

    Looking for rotifers

    Thanks for the tag. I have the ready to go if you want them. https://www.podyourreef.com/products/rotifers-l-type
  14. 12_egg_omelette

    WTB Pods

    @jolt thanks, I'm actually looking at joining as a sponsor.