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  1. Even though I am only in my second year of membership, I do have to agree with boognish. I look at my own posts, weather it be identifying, general questions, or like my latest post of trying to sell out because of health problems. The replies are close to non existent and the viewed are basically 0 to 4. When I first joined I was recieving new post notifications on the daily. Now it's every other month. What is the point of a paid membership other than access to the buy/sell section which is 90% useless for me because I only have softies and the corals that do go up are hard corals? I end up googling just about everything because the help for a new reefer like me just is not there any more. How about being a community like we are supposed to be instead of blasting out on someone who made a suggestion ? Every reply was just that! I did not see a single post offering any ideas on how to get our forums up and running like it used to be. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Beaux

    20 Gallon L

    How soon do you need this? I am shutting down my 20 L reef tank and have a 10 gal for refugium. It has all the equipment needed all set up and ready to go, such as a sump return, hob filter, 2 mini hob protien skimmers, just about everything you need if you have not already purchased or have it on hand. I just need to sell or rehome the fish, corals and clean up crew first. If you dont want any of equipment you can have the tank Let me know. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. I am not to sure. I actually caught one from my smaller tank and took it in. They said it was a bristle worm and it was 5 times the size of these little ones. It had legs like a centipede. These are smoth kinda like an earthworm, but then again they are still tiny.
  4. I only buy from 1 store, and it is my fault. But what are these?!?! I just bought a 20/20 cuc and now I started seeing these things. No corals in this tank, just a few cheap fish. Someone help please!
  5. Beaux

    40gal breeder

    I was not going to charge you, it has been storage for years. Unfortunately I asked my idiot roommate to grab it last night, and he lifted wrong, hit something ang shattered the side panel. I am going to look today because I still think I have another one. I just realized you are like an hour away. If you are going to the frag swap, if I find it. I can bring it with me and you could grab it there.
  6. Beaux

    40gal breeder

    I have no idea where Kyle is, I am in North Austin. You can PM me for more details if that's not to far.
  7. Please have some softies. There some of us that still have not graduated to the hard corals yet. I payed off all my CC debt, I am ready this time! Really looking for the green tip toadstools! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. The first photo is my old lighting system, directly below it the ai hd. I have the ai neck and it is extended as high as I can possibly make it stretch. The further away the light the less par. After I spoke with a sales rep today I would need a minimum of 2 for the higher par and no shadows. One light is good for a 12x12, not a 24x12.
  9. The api I was running was: Uv 119% V 116% Royal blue 79% Blue 80% G 4% R 4% Cool white 19% Even with everything at 100% I do not think I am getting half the brightness from your pics. I will send photos tomorrow and show you the difference. I am still hoping for a full recovery from this go round. After switching to the ai hd my beautiful purple mushrooms went totally brown. 😯
  10. I am still looking around for a just right api for me, but no such luck. I did try what you suggested. It is still way to dark. I stll have my old light up, and turn off the ai hd, then switch back to the ai hd light, and I swear it is not even 1/2 the brightness I get from my old one. I had the ai hd running for 3 days and watched all my mushrooms completely close as well as all my toadstools fall, dropping or closed. I put the old one back in for daylight times an use the new one for night time. My toadstools are perking back up, but my mushrooms are taking a bit longer to fully extend back out. I would like to have to fully automated with ramping, but it seem I should saved money and bought a tuna blue, because that appears to be the only way to get the brightness I am looking for. I even copied what the api settings the BRS TV guys reccomend when they did a review on it, still to dark... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. I just upgraded to the AI hd lighting, vs my old fluval 2.0. I was told that for my nano tank (20 long) that the AI hd would be more than sufficient. I set it up with very limited instructions. I have the presets, it was so dark I couldn't even see my corals in the center of my tank. I tried to manually adjust it and still can not get even 1/2 the brightness as I did on my fluval 2.0. I looked all over the web and tried several different api's, still so dark. Am I missing something? Bad light, or this light is not what it claims? I do not see the point of going to rent a par meeter to tell me what I can visually see with my own eyes. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  12. Howdy, What type of tanks do you have? We love pictures!
  13. Beaux

    New to Texas

    No sorry I did not. Hmu 512-221-3995 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  14. Beaux

    New to Texas

    Hey Marrio, Welcome to the club, and sorry about the losses. I am up nort, give me a pm about what you need to store and I will see what I can help with.
  15. I am starting to sock one of my tanks. I first read that the chromis was the least aggressive of the damsels and followed the reccomend school of 6. In a very short time I was down to one. I scoured my tank looking for anything, corpse, leftovers, anything and found nothing. Last week I did the same restock, bought 5 to add to the sole surviving one. Today i am down to 3. I have searched everywhere, including the floor, (are these guys known to be jumpers?) It is a 55 gallon so I do not think tank size is the problem. Are they just eating each other? I can not find bones or anything that would suggest that. No other fish in the tank. They hide all day and only come out at feeding time. I have scoured the web and nothing contradicts thier behavior except the stay hidden. Anyone else had to deal with this? Should I try different fish instead? If so what kind? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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