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  1. victoly

    Anyone see this?

    I read a little more and apparently the reagent has a shelf life (reasonable) and because of the length of tube required to pull the reagent through, it has to be used at a certain interval to flush through fresh reagents for accurate readings. I'm not sure i 100% buy that, but its hard to say without being able to control the sampling frequency on my own. I feel like if I want to let things **** up, that I should be able/allowed [email protected]
  2. victoly

    Anyone see this?

    It went on sale last night. It's pretty much sold out and there is some asshat on ebay selling one for 2k minimum. This one is for sale with 4 bids at 1,425. lol. just lol. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Neptune-Apex-Trident-In-Hand-And-Sealed/273837404766?hash=item3fc1fb325e:g:QGIAAOSwUv9c0ogl Rumor is that there is also a self-service or cross shipping option for those who dont wish to have a week or two downtime for the service. I'm fine with most of the tradeoffs here, but what I really do not like is the minimum testing. That seems crappy to me. Maybe there is some underlying reason (reagent container volume vs. expiration ?) but I dont want to be told how much I should or should not test unless there is some underlying reason. That said, I'll probably be getting one in the next 6 months or so when I have my tank up and running with some kind of measurable alk demand :P.
  3. victoly

    Apex Lite Head Unit, VDM

  4. victoly

    Apex Lite Head Unit, VDM

  5. victoly

    Sea Hare

    Exactly how I want to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. victoly

    Apex Lite Head Unit, VDM

    Dropping again, 95
  7. This is a nice looking tank. However I do think that in the same vein that you're talking about the microbiome being the main driver (which i agree with) that the macrobiome certainly has a substantial impact on "success" (whatever that means to any given aquarist). I would broadly define it as a tank that has healthy, growing coral and lack of nuisance algae. In the tank in the video, i see a ton of fast growing soft corals, including xenia and nepthea. I would make the assertion that the nutrients or more specifically npk (nitrogen:phosphorus:potassium) uptake in a mixed tank with softies is very different than a tank that is dominated by acropora/millepora/other reef building corals. To have a successful tank, like i defined above, the water for those kinds of tanks needs to be far lower in npk to maintain the necessary nutrients for skeleton building and not enough for an algal bloom. If the desirable biome isnt there, micro or macro, then algae will come to fill the void. There are no silver bullets in reef keeping, just twisting dials until you can find what works for the mix of creatures you want to keep. Just my two cents
  8. victoly

    pH controller, massive pumps, misc.

  9. victoly

    Apex Lite Head Unit, VDM

    VDM sold. price drop on head unit to 110
  10. victoly

    Apex Lite Head Unit, VDM

    price drop 140, 55 respectively.
  11. victoly

    Apex Lite Head Unit, VDM

    Apex Lite Head Unit - $150Apex VDM - $65both have been powered up and are in good working condition.
  12. victoly


    I don’t doubt that’s true, but we are definitely putting 1-2ppm of chloramine, measured, at a minimum into the distribution service that makes it all the way to the tap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. victoly


    If things are doing well, don’t change them too much ! A source of your nitrates might by your RODI water. If you’re on city of Austin water, chloramine is used as a disinfectant. Depending on how effective your carbon/RO membrane/DI setup is, you could be passing through some ammonia (chloramine breakdown produce), which would then be converted to nitrate. Test your RO water every once in a blue moon and see if anything is coming into your tank from that route. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. victoly


    You can have high TDS water with low or no nutrients. You can also have high nutrient eater with low or no TDS. they can be correlated but not necessarily so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro