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  1. victoly

    Rimless 180g "2nd child"

    i feel your pain, but I'm still very leary of trusting ICP. have you sent in a blank sample of just your saltwater? To a different lab? To a lab that uses a different method than ICP-OES? I know its an extra expense, but either there is a tin epidemic in reefing, or there is something related to the analytical method that is showing this as an issue. And as might guess, the primary provider of these tests has given you a reason to do more tests, and pay them more money to do so. In my opinion, the probability of this being a biological issue or a nutrient issue is so much greater than the probability that one specific metal is causing you an issue. Keep in mind most reefers (and most people) have no actual idea what they are talking about. I have two degrees in geoscience, with my graduate degree in geochemistry and a decade using analytical chemistry to solve problems with minerals and water. I am very qualified in this area. I am still only marginally know what I'm talking about.
  2. victoly

    1link status light doesn’t turn on

    Is there anything else plugged into it? I had a busted WAV that shorted out the whole 1link board (and EB832 24v ports). It was fine as soon as i removed it, but otherwise it was not happy.
  3. victoly

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    I think you're better off putting a sample port after your last carbon block than in your effluent line. Another way to monitor or predict failure is with a totalizing flowmeter on your feed water. This isn't foolproof, because the water utilities vary the chloramine dosing pretty regularly based on season, storms and other upsets, but it's a good yard stick.
  4. victoly

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    Yikes, that is pretty high. I've run my RODI a few different ways (single standard carbon, loose catalytic carbon with chloramine block, and now just universals), but I'm currently just using two BRS universal carbon blocks in series. No or breakthrough yet.
  5. You mean you don’t have a display ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. victoly

    Salinity Probe

    Looking for an apex salinity probe. get at me.
  7. very good condition. This is a super cool 2 piece ato with no in tank hardware. $65
  8. victoly

    Waning Forum Activity

    ive been neglecting to update my build thread because a) im lazy and b) i know its gonna get *pooped* &#*(&# on.
  9. victoly

    Waning Forum Activity

    The skimmer vs. no skimmer debate killed it.
  10. victoly

    50 Gallon Low Boy display frag tank.

    make sure you can get that sump in and out easy!
  11. victoly

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    MAN. guess I'll be going to SA....
  12. victoly

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    How much did they charge ? The DS wants to fold in shipping to the cost! Yikes!
  13. victoly

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    Where did you get that mix tank? I have been looking for it for ages... tank depot in DS has been backordered forever.
  14. victoly

    pH controller, massive pumps, misc.

    all sold