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  1. victoly

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Im so jealous of those wide support bars on the stand for sump work.
  2. victoly

    BBMarlin's 125G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    I would guess that the CO2 should be pretty well spent by the time it gets to the second chamber.
  3. victoly

    Planning a new in-wall tank

    I have two 20A circuits dedicated to the fish tank. I have a third non-dedicated circuit (runs washing machine and ambient lights) which also runs the portable AC. The 4th circuit in the room runs some auxiliary outlets plus the exhaust fan. The only things I installed for the tank specifically were the two new circuits, the other two were pre-existing and just happy little accidents that they were a) large enough and b) separate such that i could still achieve semi-adequate temp/rh control if one circuit failed (e.g., the exhaust fan works but the PAC fails).
  4. victoly

    Victoly's 210........

    Thx. They do look nice. To be the constant critic, there are a few things I dont love about them. One, the top port hole is pretty small. I have to get creative with dumping salt in (i use a foldable cutting board to make a rigged funnel. Two, the tank bulges a bit when full, which makes the bottom piping angle downwards about 30 degrees. Three, they're not exactly easy to cheap/source. They sure do look nice though.....
  5. victoly

    Planning a new in-wall tank

    For electrical, i would make sure to have at least two dedicated circuits. Maybe even three if you have individual HVAC for the fish room. Mine has 4 circuits, although only two are dedicated. As far as temp control goes, I try to keep my ambient room temp at 80 and my humidity below 60. I have been able to achieve that with a central AC drop, a portable air conditioner and also a vent fan which at this point is really more to keep reef stench out than to do real heat/rh control. It's much more complicated than people give the problem credit for, unless you just want to through a ton of watts at it and you dont care about heat loss into the room.
  6. victoly

    Victoly's 210........

    On to my water setup. Here it is as it stands today. I posted about my RODI system in another thread. Here's the water station. It's composed of two square 55gallon tanks. Each have input from the RODI in the fish room with a float valve and pressure sensor. There is a transfer pump inside the RODI tank, which is plumbed into the saltwater tank with a float valve to prevent overflow. There is a mixing pump inside the SW tank. fish So each tank will have a valve to fill buckets on the ground. The SW tank (right) has some additional goodies. The beige box is an automated ball valve with open/close sensors. With the valve open, the pump will turn on and fill the tank (or remote tanks) with SW. That line has not yet been plumbed to the sump. Here's the top of the water station. I perforated the top using either bulkheads or heyco fittings for cable pass through or tubing pass through. I had to split the transfer pump power cable and reattach with the same type or disconnect used on jebao pumps, as they can pass through the cable gland. I have a PM2 so i could hook up a breakout box, which I DIY'd to use RCA cables. You can also see the pressure switch, which closes when both float valves are closed. At some point I'll probably add in a heater, but I am short an outlet on the EB8, so I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do there since the heater usage will be so ephemeral with the setup. Inside the RODI tank. Transfer pump on the right. ATK PMUP on the left. Jebao pump for SW mixing This is the crappy job i did with RCA terminals lol.
  7. victoly

    Victoly's 210........

    TIME FOR A POST ON ROOM LAYOUT AND CONSTRUCTION. The fish room is the result of breaking down a common wall between a man cave tool storage in the garage and the utility room. I also moved the water heater out and added water supply lines and a drain line. Before - the wall on the right side is where the aquarium is now, which is a common wall with the living room. Here's the utility sink. You can also see the ethernet line box as well as the two 20A lines run into the under stand area. There were pre-existing circuits on both sides of the room that i still use from time to time for non-critical stuff. You can kind of see the dividing wall between the two rooms that was knocked down here. The door on the left is closed up so only one door exists to this room on the garage side, there is an opening to the house on the other side as well. After a completely botched job by our general contractor (never again...) here's the casing my father in law built for the exterior view of the tank.
  8. victoly

    WTB clownfish

    I have some fish from ben. Very healthy and high quality.
  9. victoly

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    so the UV didnt head it off... .boo!
  10. victoly

    BBMarlin's 125G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    well done. the sump area looks very nice.
  11. victoly

    BBMarlin's 125G - Skimmerless SPS Reef

    Man I could use a few feet of that 1" flex, when you actually get it... Let me know and I'll buy! Word to the wise, a prevailing theory on the tin levels in some reef aquariums, measured by ICP so take it with a grain of salt, is that plasticizers in flex pvc can contain tin. However, they do leach out pretty quickly (days to week) so you might soak it in a bucket before putting it into use?
  12. victoly

    MP40 QD / Reef Link [sold]

    is this the same reeflink from your other post or do you have two reeflinks 😂?
  13. victoly

    440g Custom Starphire Metal-framed Reef Dropoff Tank

    OP, pls update.
  14. victoly

    Victoly's 210........

    You can see battery replacements on there. The freezer is a little kooky because the battery temp is down near zero. The outside temp sensor uses a different battery type and thus different voltage. You can see the other declines very nicely though. They have a plug in USB version now, but what I have going right now seems to be working pretty well.
  15. victoly

    Victoly's 210........

    I know all of you were dying to know... so here is a process diagram of how my environmental control IoT system works. Another cool thing about the Sonoff S31 is that it has a power consumption feature where I can use the ewelink ios app to track long term power usage. It was actually kind of hard to find a smart outlet >10 amp that didnt fail or suck. So far so good with the S31.