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  1. victoly


    I'm working on picking substrate for my 210 gal, predominantly SPS tank. It will have 2 big gyres plus other spot-flow pumps around the tank for dead-zone mitigation. What do you have, do you like it and do you wish you'd done something different? edit this should probably go in like general reefkeeping, mods please help i need an adult.
  2. victoly

    How Landlocked Aquariums Get Water

    Humidity shouldnt have an impact.
  3. victoly

    Breaking down - JBJ frag tank and accessories

    check yo fb message
  4. victoly

    Maxspect XF280 APEX Controllable

    I think the controllers are generally compatible with different pump sizes. You might hold off a minute though because there are rumblings that there will be better control options in the short term https://forum.neptunesystems.com/showthread.php?23847-IOTA-Maxspect-Gyres&highlight=gyre+control https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/syna-g-icv6-connect-controller-maxspect.html
  5. victoly

    WTB frag tank

    Yeah I don't think I have 40" to spare. Intriguing offer though. Thanks and may the next person have better luck and more space than me.
  6. victoly

    WTB frag tank

    I am mildly to moderately interested in that, although having it be a fixer upper off the bat makes me meh a little. It looks like its 36" probably? How confident are you that weldon will seal it?
  7. victoly

    Victoly's 210........

    Also, the fish room remodel came attached with a wife approved kitchen remodel... so our house is kind of a war zone right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. victoly

    WTB frag tank

    Looking for something shallow, 24-36" and drilled. Innuendo intended,
  9. victoly

    Austin Boil Notice

    I think Brian lives up north? Also a terminology thing: Turbidity = the optical scattering of light due to cloudiness of a sample. This is what we are currently having problems with. TSS = total suspended solids which is the material able to be physically filtered out TDS = total dissolved solids which pass through coarse filtering. The classic example of how these things differ is to throw a gram of talc chunks vs a gram of talc powder into a liter of water. One will very low turbidity (chunks) and one will have high turbidity (the powder) but both have the same suspended solids. If you had a third container with a gram of table salt in it, your turb would be low, but your TDS would be high. TL'DR there can be correlation between turbidity and TDS but it requires qualification and is situation specific.
  10. victoly

    Austin Boil Notice

    This is pretty interesting. We're a unique group of people who have some citizen science data points! I would wager that those who have higher TDS are closer to the treatment plants and or their intermediate storage points and thus have "fresher" (or in this case siltier) water. It'd be interesting to plot the points on a map.
  11. victoly

    Austin Boil Notice

    Your TDS would creep up slowly, and thats if you see it increase at all. Remember that everything that is coming from the water treatment plants is still treated to a particular TDS standard. Combine that with the fact that there is a delay between the second a drop of treated water goes into the distribution system and when it hits your tap. That delay time has a ton of variables, but it's conceivable that the turnaround time might be a few days from point A to point B.
  12. victoly

    Austin Boil Notice

    I don't know for sure, I'm not on the water supply side, but I would suspect that they will increase chlorine as high as they can and not go over limits for chlorine. I haven't heard a timeline. We're probably at the mercy of the river. I just wouldnt make water until this blows over if you can avoid it.
  13. victoly

    Austin Boil Notice

    I wouldn't worry too much about the other items you listed. The reason turbidity is a regulatory parameter is that the cloudiness of the water affects how active the chlorine is when it is mixed with the water to remove pathogens. The utility hasn't (to my knowledge) had a pathogen failure yet, they just suspect it might happen due to the reduced chlorine effectiveness.
  14. victoly

    Victoly's 210........

    I wanna be just like you ! Where’s your build thread ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. What does your humidity look like with your vent fan setup? Does it vent to the roof?