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  2. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    I'd still use new sand in the new tank if possible. Will you able to have both tanks running at the same time or will you have to shut down the old one first, move it out of the way, and put the new tank where the old one was?
  3. RODI recs and question

    OK, so doing a little research. Austin uses Chloramines. Looks like 6 stage is what is recommended. If I add the upgrade kit, it still come out cheaper than starting with the 6 stage unit by itself. BRS 4 stage to 6 stage upgrade kit for $84.99 BRS 75 gallon/day 6 stage RO/DI $195.49 Any thoughts? I'm needing to be a little mindful of money this close to the holidays. Cheers, Paula
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  5. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    I might have gotten the frag from you.
  6. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    You can have a frag!
  7. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    Is that from me? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. RODI recs and question

    So, I'm considering getting an RODI for Black Friday. Up til now, I've been buying RO from Aquatek. It's a bit of a chore and the cost adds up. I'm going through about 20-25 gallons every two weeks between water changes and kalkwasser. I was looking at this 4 stage unit which is on sale at BRS. BRS 75 gallon 4 stage RO/DI for $94.00. Would it be adequate for Austin water? Thanks in advance, Paula Also a shout out to Jen_H. I picked up a RBTA from her earlier today which is now being acclimated (1/2 hour temp float and now the slow drip!)
  9. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    OMG...that's amazing!!!!! I'm picking up a new tank tomorrow. Gonna need a frag of it in the not too distant future.
  10. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    This is for Jimbo who I bought the neon green toadstool from in January of this year... it was the size of a softball then... now... easily a foot in diameter when folded up!
  11. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    for reference... ****, not sure why its sideways!
  12. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

  13. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    To do it either very slowly or in 1 Day. Up to you. When I moved from Austin to Manor, I kept everything and only lost 1 small firefish and 1 small piece of sps. When we moved ty across town, it wasn’t too bad either but he had water and new sand already in his new display. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Moving 90 gallon to 180 gallon

    Ok, so the few that have seen my tank knows that the growth is incredible while keeping it crazy simple. SO.... I am planning on moving my 90 gallon to a 180 gallon and need some advice. My sand is under a year old and populated with TONS of micro stars, bristles, various pods, etc.... Do I keep the old sand and use it to seed new sand? Also, I have a bunch of live rock I have been curing in a heated, circulated spare tank for 3 months...I feed it once a week to keep bacteria thriving... What's the best way to transfer everything from my 90 to the 180?
  15. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy holiday to everyone! Don't forget to get a little something for yourselves while Christmas shopping!
  16. Cultivated Reef Group Buy

    Hi ARC, Thank you Murftoo for setting up this group buy. I'm looking forward to sending you all some beautiful coral. If anyone has any questions about our coral etc please feel free to ask Thanks, Holly
  17. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thank you Ty. Hope everyone had a great day!
  18. Small full set up Nano

    What is your budget? I’ve got a JBJ 30 RL with 2 MP10wES on it, Radion XR30w Pro, Brand new in box Tunze doc 9004 Skimmer with a stand. Only thing you’d need to really have an awesome setup is a reeflink or Apex and an ATO. Also have 2 InTank filter floss baskets with flow directors that hang onto the overflow teeth. I’m asking 700 for the setup complete, I have liverock and sand in it but since Harvey hit its been going through some algae issues. I also just ordered a pack of Marine Pure balls to throw into the back chamber. I’ve got at least 1000 in it. No fish or corals are in it since Harvey left me without power for 21+ days but this is a great starter tank with basically everything needed to grow any type of coral you’d ever want.
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  20. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy thanksgiving to all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks Ty. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well. Also to everyone else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  22. Long tentacle green leather

    Looking for a frag of richards lone star leather
  23. Need help to identify

    I am seeing that now thanks for the help. I did not know anything about them and glad I found out before I lost any of my other corals. The guys at Aquatech said nothing about it being able to kill other corals, and reading up on it said the tentacles extend even further out at night. Thanks for the help!
  24. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone has their fill of turkey, sides, football, family, friends, parades, and whatever else fills your holiday weekend!
  25. The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Of course man!
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